Ed Hyman, Matthew McLennan – Revisiting The New Financial World

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During fundraising weeks on public television, I am able to focus on other areas of interest. This week I turned my attention to the growing and compelling body of research that shows that the more women there are in decision making roles in companies the more profitable those companies are.

I have provided links to two reports: one from the Peterson Institute, the other from Credit Suisse. If you want to add an alpha factor to your portfolio it turns out investing in companies with 30% or more women in management makes a significant difference.

Ed Hyman

This week, we are revisiting our annual exclusive with legendary economist Ed Hyman, founder and chairman of Evercore ISI. Hyman has been voted Wall Street’s number one economist for an astonishing 36 years by Institutional Investors.

We always pair Hyman with a top ranked money manager. In this case we are delighted to have Matthew McLennan, Head of the Global Value team at First Eagle Investment Management and Portfolio Manager of the five-star rated First Eagle Global Fund, which he has run since 2008.The two know and respect each other and bring different perspectives to the table.

Last week we revisted the outlook for the U.S. in 2017. In a nutshell, Hyman is encouraged by the pickup in strength and confidence in the economy and markets and believes a recession is years away. Value manager McLennan is focused more on the risks he sees developing, particularly excessive fiscal stimulus and the high levels of debt and stock prices.

This week we are broadening the discussion to include the rest of the world as well. As a recent headline from Hyman and his research team at Evercore ISI emphatically put it: “global growth accelerating.”  I began the interview by asking Hyman, what is driving global growth.


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