DreameBot D10 Plus Robot Vacuum: Makes Virtually Hands-free Cleaning A Reality And Affordable

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Vacuum Cleaners have come a long way, from the heavy bulky machines making deafening noise to sleek automatic wireless machines with minimal human interaction. In fact, with the latest generation of vacuum cleaners, called robot vacuums, you don’t even have to get off of the couch. These vacuum cleaners are autonomous, as well as smart, and are equipped with sensors, lasers, motherboards, and Wi-Fi to make sure that you barely have to interact with them.

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Still, even with the most advanced robot vacuums that can empty their own dustbin, users had to regularly remove the dust bag in which the robot vacuums empty their dustbin. Thus, for users who want to minimize even this interaction with the machine, Dreametech (a known name in the world of high-end cleaning appliances) has come up with a solution, and it is DreameBot D10 Plus.

DreameBot D10

DreameBot D10 Plus: What Makes It Unique?

DreameBot D10 Plus is a robot vacuum that makes automated cleaning virtually hands-free for about 45 days. The USP of DreameBot D10 Plus is that it comes with a 2.5L disposable dust bag and can empty its own dustbin.

So, the robot vacuum will automatically empty its dustbin into the 2.5L disposable dust bag, which the company claims is enough to hold dust for up to 45 days in an average house. This means you won’t have to empty the dust box after every cleanup.

Dreametech’s claim of 45 days is based on the environment testing in Dreame's lab. So, the actual performance of the machine could vary depending on real world environment and usage. We haven’t yet tested the machine for 45 days, but in our 12 days of testing, we did get hands-free cleaning.

DreameBot D10 Plus’ navigation technology also makes it better than many others in the market. This robot vacuum uses LiDAR navigation and a SLAM algorithm for dynamic mapping and intelligent route planning.

Dreametech claims that it can accurately map home in about 8 minutes, especially rooms with closely spaced furniture. We tested the D10 Plus’ LiDAR navigation by changing the arrangement of our room a few times, and every time, the D10 Plus was able to map accurately and that too in a reasonable time.

Other Notable Features

Talking about the D10 Plus features that make life easier, the most important one we have already talked about, i.e. virtually hands-free cleaning for about 45 days. Others are standard ones that you will find in any other premium robot vacuums, such as easy to use app, Compatible with Alexa voice, customization features and more.

Another plus for DreameBot D10 Plus is that it features a large 5,200mAh battery that can deliver up to 3 hours of continuous cleaning in a single run.

Other features of DreameBot D10 Plus are more or less similar to other models from Dreametech with a few deviations. For instance, D10 Plus comes with a higher suction power of 4000 pa, compared to 3000 Pa with the D9.

On the other hand, D10 Plus lacks the front 3D sensor like we get with the more expensive Z10 Pro. The absence of a front 3D sensor means the D10 Plus is not as good as the Z10 Pro at avoiding low-profile objects, such as toys, cables and more.

Also, D10 Plus has a smaller water tank of 150 ml, compared to 270 ml of the D9. However, similar to other models, D10 Plus features an electric water pump inside the water tank that allows you to easily adjust the water flow and the mop dampness depending on how dirty the floor is.


In all, D10 Plus is a great product. It has almost all the advanced features (and even more) that you could expect from a premium product, but at an un-premium price. DreameBot D10 Plus will soon launch on Amazon with a promo price of $399.99.

Visit Dreametech’s website or Amazon for more details on the D10 Plus.

D10plus has a Launching period offer, with the following offer.

Disclaimer: We received free product in return for an honest review.