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Although we’re still a little ways out from the ability to get our hands on the recently announced (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, you can now download a custom red iPhone 8 wallpaper to take your existing devices to the next level.

Likely as an effort to promote their new hardware, A designer has released a red iPhone 8 wallpaper that adds some class to an already-excellent phone. Its stunning visuals will look great on any iPhone, but it truly intended for the upcoming phone and will mesh perfectly with the red and black of its new hardware.

As the iPhone 8 has been out for quite some time at this point, many people who were looking into purchasing a phone this generation have already made the jump, and around this time of year is when Apple starts to see a slump in sales. This red iPhone 8 wallpaper serves as advertising as well as a way to get existing users excited for the release of the new version. While existing iPhone 8 users probably won’t go out and buy an entirely new phone, it may just be enough to entice those on older hardware to purchase a brand new device.

For those who were stunned by the marketing visuals released with the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8, the red iPhone 8 wallpaper gives them some of that aesthetic without having to shell out for a brand new phone. Through word-of-mouth advertising as well as by allowing users of older smartphones to see what the design would be like for themselves, Apple may stand to see some significant sales for their new product – with many of them possibly due to the introduction of the new wallpaper from an enterprising designer.

It’s important to note that this wallpaper doesn’t come from Apple themselves, rather being the product of designer AR7 who posted a screenshot of the wallpaper on Twitter – included below for your viewing pleasure.

At this point, anyone who really wanted to get their hands on the beautiful wallpaper from the upcoming new iPhone version can download a red iPhone 8 wallpaper and activate it on their device. It should work on both the iPhone X as well as earlier versions – giving users a taste of what they’re missing when they decide to forgo (PRODUCT)RED.

Considering how much time we spend glued to our phones, having an excellent wallpaper really classes up the experience and makes it much more enjoyable to look at. While this red iPhone 8 wallpaper is not really the same as having a brand new device in your hand, it offers the second-best thing and brings some of that sleek aesthetic to pretty much any iPhone. So if you’re not willing to shell out for the phone itself, you can at least enjoy the stylings of AR7 in the shape of a brand new background for your existing device.

In order to download the red iPhone 8 wallpaper, you follow the links included in the tweet. There’s no harm in giving it a try; and who knows? You may end up liking it enough to make the trek to your nearest Apple Store and upgrade to the latest and greatest that the technology giant has to offer. While Apple likely won’t see the same quantity of sales with this phone as they would with a brand new line (or even if this version was released at the same time as the regular iPhone 8 was), it’s still likely to be a slam dunk for those who value sleek aesthetics – combining the signature iPhone 8 look with a brand new color scheme that’s dressed to impress.

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