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Don’t Let Wall Street Box You In

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The global economy is reaching a critical point.

Negative interest rates, exorbitant debt, lackluster jobs, growing restrictions on personal liberties and the end of privacy are just some of the worries that plague Americans. We don’t even need to get into the upcoming presidential election.

It’s time to take a hard look at your assets and what you’re doing to protect them in the turbulent times that are coming. And the speakers at the Offshore Investment Summit have some interesting suggestions that you might be overlooking…

Do you know what your options are?

Americans are too frequently locked in to the idea of stocks and bonds that trade on U.S. exchanges. But it is still legal to invest overseas. It is still legal to buy property overseas. And it is still legal to get a second citizenship.

That’s why, in his closing presentation, Ted Bauman touched on alternative assets as a way to hedge your bets and protect your wealth when the typical stocks and bonds are performing poorly, particularly in light of the troubles still coming to investors. For instance, collectibles are great stores of wealth for a well-diversified portfolio.

But collectibles aren’t the only solution you should be considering…

Why Uruguay?

Kicking off the Offshore Investment Summit, Juan Federico Fischer of Fischer & Schickendantz detailed many of the reasons why The Economist named Uruguay “country of the year,” why The New York Times boasted Uruguay’s quiet democratic miracle and why Forbes extolled the virtues of Uruguay’s grass-fed beef. Uruguay continues to be the safest country in Latin America, with a stable democracy that believes in equal treatment of foreign investors. The country also offers a solid middle class, a friendly tax system, quality health care and modern infrastructure. And, Punta del Este is ranked as the premier beach resort in all of South America.

Many visiting foreigners are typically looking to Uruguay for one of four reasons:

  • Residency and citizenship
  • Banking
  • Real estate
  • Farmland

Juan went on to discuss in detail the various options that are available to foreigners in each of those four categories. If you would like to see Juan’s entire presentation, please click here to order your copy of the Offshore Investment Blueprint.

A Different Kind of Investment

Jeff Opdyke followed Juan Federico Fischer and he took a hard look at the mess the world central banks have created with their policies of quantitative easing and near-zero interest rates. The fact is, economic growth is nowhere near the levels it needs to be in order to support the debt we’ve created. Japan and Europe have implemented negative interest rates, and, as a result, nearly 25% of the global economy is now ruled by negative interest rates. And to top it off, the Fed has instructed American banks to stress-test in preparation for the possibility of negative rates.

Don't Let Wall Street Box You In – negative interest rates

The move to negative interest rates within the United States would provide the backdrop for an even bigger danger — the rising threat of wealth confiscation as America becomes desperate for ways to pay off more than $19 trillion in debt.

Jeff closed his presentation with two key investments that you can implement now to protect and grow your wealth in the face of negative interest rates and wealth confiscation. Click here to watch all of Jeff’s presentation.

Sticking with the investing theme, presenter Rob Vrijhof, president of WHVP, discussed not only the benefits of opening a bank account in Switzerland — yes, Americans can still invest in Switzerland — but also revealed his expectations for the stock market. Rob indicated that WHVP remained underweighted in stocks and recommended that if you’ve made some profits, it’s time to take some money off the table to protect yourself.

His group is looking for signs of an impending global bear market, as opposed to just a correction in an ongoing bull market, but he concedes that this bull market is getting a bit long in the tooth. He also warned that low interest rates are going to be with us for a very long time.

Rob closed with three stock picks to take advantage of upcoming moves in gold and oil. In addition, he identified a global bond that has a coupon rate of 11%. To see all of Rob’s presentation and to get his exclusive picks, click here.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

As you can guess, I can take down only so much great information before I’m completely overwhelmed. Our presenters are giving attendees great advice on how to protect and grow their wealth in the years ahead.

And you don’t have to miss a minute of it!

By ordering our Offshore Investment Blueprint kit now, you can watch videos of all the presentations, as well as see videos of the farmland and real estate tours. Don’t miss a minute!

Don't Let Wall Street Box You In – negative interest rates
Jocelynn Smith
Sr. Managing Editor, Sovereign Investor Daily

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