Don Weisberg, CEO Of Macmillan Publisher “Blindsided And Disappointed” To Discover Emily Ratajkowski’s Book Titled, ‘My Body’ Not A Picture Book

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Emily Ratajkowski recently launched her new book, “My Body” which is in her words, was written to help people “better understand the experiences that have impacted [her] beliefs and politics.”

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A.K.A to take a nice, steamy, dump on capitalism. Yes, I know, major throwing a stone from glass house vibes here, but that is not the story.

Macmillan Publishers' CEO Disappointed About Emily Ratajkowski's Book

The story here—is that despite the fact that the massively popular model has been on a press tour all fall—the CEO of Macmillan Publishers, Don Weisberg, is now trying to put to kibosh on her book’s distribution.

While it may seem counter intuitive to invest so many company resources into a book launch—only to cancel the production at the last minute—Weisberg has his reasons.

“I am going to be honest with you,” a visibly embarrassed and frustrated Weisberg started, “When her camp first approached us about a book deal, I laughed it off. Why would anyone want to read a glorified Instagram model’s book?”

Sweat dripped down Weisberg’s brow.

He cracked a smirk and finished his thought. “But then… They disclosed the working title—and well, I don’t know… I just assumed it was going to be a hardcover collection of sultry Em Rat shots. Man, was I wrong…”

When asked what pushed him to try and cancel the book entirely, he explained it was because he was both “blindsided and disappointed” that Emily dare express herself with words, instead of the photos he was looking forward to.

Weisberg did admit that the stress of his second divorce might have played a role in both his panting desire for a Em Rat hardcover picture book—and his hair trigger response to this disappointment.

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.