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Checkout Secrets: Does Target Take Apple Pay?

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Are you considering hitting your nearest Target store but getting confused about whether they accept your payment through Apple Pay? Or do you want to make an online purchase with your Apple Pay? If so, don’t stress too much; we have incredible news!

Yes, it does! Customers with iPhones, iPads, and Macs can now pay for their items at Target using the Apple Pay system. It is an incredibly convenient payment method since there’s no need to fumble around with cash or swipe a credit card.

This article is designed to help you better understand the relationship between Target and Apple Pay. You will also learn how you can make a purchase from the Target stores and website with the help of using Apple Pay. So, let’s hook in!

Can You Pay With Your Phone At Target?

You can pay with your phone at Target. Target’s mobile payment feature is Wallet, which uses the Target app on iOS or Android phones. With Wallet, customers can store their payment information in the app, making payments faster and more convenient than using a credit or debit card.

If you are an Apple consumer, you must set up your Apple Pay on your iPhone or your Apple Watch to pay with your phone at Target online or physical store. Similarly, if you are an Android consumer, you can pay by using Samsung Pay and Google Pay with the help of your phone.

Is Your Apple Pay Safe At Target?

Target is one of the most popular stores in the United States, and many customers are now choosing to pay with Apple Pay. Using Apple Pay at the checkout is safer than swiping or inputting your card. The shop never receives your credit card number or target debit card information when you check out since it is encrypted.

Each time you purchase with one of these shops, a new code is generated, making it more difficult for your financial data to be duplicated or stolen. Additionally, Apple Pay at Target is free of cost when using it at Target or any other retailer. You will be charged only if your bank charges a fee for inadequate money or anything similar. 

There is presently no restriction while using Apple Pay other than the balance on the payment source you have associated with your Apple Pay. However, you can be asked for a signature if your transaction costs more than $50.

How To Use Apple Pay In-Store?

With Apple Pay, you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to quickly and securely pay for purchases at participating stores. To use Apple Pay in-store, you need a credit or debit card linked to your Wallet app. The linked account helps to purchase at any store, including Target.

Using iPhone

With the help of an iPhone, you can buy easily by following the steps:

  • Quickly press the double side button and hold the side button on your iPhone’s right outside edge twice ( the button used to turn on/off the phone screen).
  • If done properly, your Wallet app will open up instantly with an image of your credit card or debit card linked to your Wallet and a notification asking to “Hold Near Reader.”
  • While the Wallet app is open on your iPhone, hold your iPhone over or close to the contactless Target payment terminal (the same terminal you’d use to pay with a credit card or debit card).
  • If everything is done properly, your payment will be processed immediately, and the credit card or debit card linked with your Apple Wallet will be charged.

Using Apple Watch

  • Double press the right-side edge buttons of your Apple Watch.
  • If done successfully, you will see your Wallet app open up instantly with an image of your debit card or credit card linked to your Wallet and a notification asking to “Hold Near Reader.”
  • Hold your Apple Watch close to the contactless payment terminal or above it.
  • If everything is done successfully, your Apple watch will beep, and you will complete the transaction.

Can I Use Apple Pay For Online Purchases At Target?

Target allows you to enjoy the benefit of Apple Pay for making online purchases at their official website or store. The process of buying is quite easy. You need your iPhone or Apple Watch connected to your Target wallet.

How To Install Apple Pay?

To ensure successful payment at the online store, you need to set up your Apple Pay account appropriately. Apple Pay installation is simple and takes only a few minutes. The following are the necessary steps:

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, press the“+” button.
  • Click continue on the next screen.
  • Click add the Card.
  • Take a picture of your credit or debit card, or fill in the information.
  • Enter the expiration date and CVV of the card.
  • Click “Next.”
  • At the bottom of the T&Cs page, click “Agree.”
  • Choose “Continue”

If you’re experiencing problems utilizing Apple Pay at Target, you should first ask Target staff if they know what the issue is. The payment terminal you’re attempting to use may need help.

How To Consult Apple Support?

If you’re still having issues after Apple Pay installation, your best option is to get in touch with Apple Support and see if they can offer assistance. They should be able to solve any issues you’re encountering.

To contact Apple support, use the following steps:

  • First, go to the Apple website and search for the support page.
  • Scroll down to the “Contact Apple Support” section.
  • When you click on that tab, it will lead you to a page with several ways to contact Apple support.
  • The “Phone” option is generally the best choice.
  • Select “Phone,” which will provide you with a phone number.
  • An Apple support professional will answer your call and help you with your problem.

When you contact, make sure you have your problem ready to describe so that the support professional can assist you as soon and efficiently as possible.

How To Use Apple Pay For Online Purchases?

Apple Pay is a convenient way to make online purchases. It allows users to securely store their credit or debit card information and use it for online payments. By using simple information, you can pay easily.

Target Website

When checking out on the Target website using an Apple device (usually your iPhone or a MacBook/iPad), select the “Pay with Apple Pay” option. You must use an Apple device to use the Pay with Apple Pay option.

Target App

You can use Apple Pay to pay for online purchases with the Target App. This payment method is only available for the iPhone. Before using Apple Pay, you must ensure that it is configured on your iPhone.

To utilize Apple Pay with your Target app, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open your Target App and navigate into your account.
  • Step 2: Add the products to your “Cart” in the Target app that you want to buy using Apple Pay.
  • Step 3: Click the “Cart” icon at the app’s bottom.
  • Step 4: To confirm payment, click the Apple Pay button in the bottom right corner and double-tap your iPhone’s side button.

When confirming, you must use either your FaceID or your PIN code.

Take a Look at How to use Apple Pay | Apple Support:

Alternatives For Apple Pay In Target

Target offers a variety of alternatives to Apple Pay for customers who want to pay for their purchases in-store. While many stores and restaurants accept both Apple Pay and other payment methods, Target only accepts the following: 


Cash is one of the oldest and most reliable payment methods available. It doesn’t require any special setup or technology, so it’s a perfect option for Target customers who don’t want to use Apple Pay. 

Customers can bring cash when they shop at Target to pay for their purchases at the register. Make sure to bring the currency of the country where the target store is located; otherwise, they will cancel your payment.

Credit Cards

Most major credit cards are accepted by Target, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. When purchasing a credit card at Target, customers should have their card handy to swipe or tap at the checkout counter. You can also use Target RedCard, which comes with a MasterCard logo or closed-loop.

Debit Cards

Target also accepts debit cards, a form of Target RedCard. Customers use their cards at the checkout counter to complete their purchases. The company will deduct the amount from the linked wallet.

Contactless Payment Methods

Contactless payment methods, such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc., can be used at Target stores. Customers must tap or wave their device on the contactless terminal at the checkout counter to make a payment. 

EBT Cards

Target accepts Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards. These cards allow customers who receive public assistance benefits to pay for eligible purchases at Target stores. 

Personal Checks

Target still accepts personal checks, although it is becoming increasingly uncommon for retailers to accept them. Customers should be sure to bring an ID when using a check as a form of payment so that the cashier can verify their identity. 

Target App Payments

Customers can pay for their purchases using the Target app payment. This option is available in-store and online, so customers can pay at the register or via a mobile device while shopping from home.

Target Circle is a free loyalty program offered by the company. After signing up, you may earn 1% in Target Circle points on all eligible purchases (except those done with a RedCard). Your Target Circle rewards accumulate in your account’s wallet over time, and you may apply them toward future purchases.

Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

Target accepts gift certificates and third-party gift cards as forms of payment. These are perfect options when shopping for someone else or sticking to a budget. 

Target Wallet App

The Target Wallet app allows its Target consumers in-store to use their smartphones to check out and use their Cartwheel digital coupons and savings with a single scan of their barcode.

WIC Payments

The WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program allows customers in need to access food assistance benefits. You can use WIC benefits to purchase qualified food products at any Target location. Target stores accept these types of payments. Customers should bring their WIC identification cards with them when making purchases. 

Can You Use Gift Card In Target?

You can use gift cards at Target to make purchases online or in any Target store. Target gift cards are available in many varieties. Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just because Target Gift Cards make the perfect gift for anyone on your list. With various denominations and designs, there is sure to be something that will please even the pickiest recipient.

The Target gift card is easily available on their official websites, app, and stores. You can also buy gift cards through retailers; their prices may differ due to different locations and partnerships. Target gift cards have no expiration date.

You can use Target Gift Cards at:

  • To buy alcohol and other banned things.
  • Starbucks, which is inside Target stores.
  • Target Cafe.
  • Target Optical in-store
  • CVS pharmacies in Target Stores.

It is restricted to use Target Gift Cards at:

  • RedCard payments.
  • To buy iTunes gift cards.
  • To buy Target gift cards.
  • Target Opticals at online store.
  • To buy gift cards for Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
  • At Target minute clinics.
  • Buying specialty gift cards (restaurants, gaming, etc.)

How To Buy Gift Cards?

There are several ways to purchase gift cards from Target, including in-store, through the Target app, and on the Target website. Here is a detail:

Target Store

When shopping at a physical Target store location, you can find multiple gift cards available for purchase. You can select the range and design of your choice at their store, and they will make your card of your selected denomination and picture.

Target App

The Target app also offers convenient access to select gift cards within the application. To buy a gift card on the Target app, follow these steps:

  • Open your Target App.
  • Click the “Shop by category” option.
  • Select Gift Cards, then click Target Gift Cards.
  • Select a card design, gift card denomination, and delivery method (email, mail, or mobile).

Target Website

The Target website offers several easy gift cards to purchase online. You may also purchase Target gift cards online by following these steps:

  • Open the Target website.
  • Log into your account.
  • Choose your card design, picture, and denomination from the shop-by-category gift card option.
  • Select a delivery method.
  • Simply choose “Add to Cart.
  • Check out by clicking the “View Cart.”


You may purchase Target gift cards from other retailers. Remember that in-store purchases from other stores will not earn you a Target e-gift card or mobile gift card. You may choose between $25, $50, and $100 cards, open denomination cards, and multipacks when purchasing from other merchants.

How To Use Target Gift Cards?

Target Gift Cards are convenient to use. With some simple steps, you can use these cards at stores, websites, or apps and enjoy your purchase. Let’s have a closer look at their method to use:

At Target Stores

Using Target Gift Cards is an easy and convenient way to pay for items at Target stores! With just a few simple steps, you can redeem gift cards. The simple steps include the following:

  • At checkout, open up the Target App on your phone.
  • Now, select the Wallet tab.
  • Select the Gift Card section.
  • Select which gift cards you want to use for your purchase.
  • Click “Save.”
  • Your chosen gift cards will appear on the Wallet screen beneath the barcode as soon as the payment form closes.
  • Scan your barcode to apply for your gift cards.

At Online Target Store/ Website

  • Go to the website of Target or the app.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Add the things in the cart which you want to buy.
  • Click checkout.
  • Now click the edit option.
  • Now click the “ Apply the Target GiftCard” option.
  • Choose your gift card (you can choose up to 10 Target Gift cards per order).
  • Complete the checkout process after making your selections.
  • You will use the gift card you have to choose to pay for your transaction.

What Is A Target RedCard & Should You Get One?

A Target RedCard is a credit card that allows consumers to save money and time when shopping at any Target store or online. The Target RedCard provides a 5% discount on Target purchases, no annual fee, and an extended return and exchange period of 30 days.

The Target RedCard Card is not viable for people who carry balances or do not shop at Target frequently enough to benefit from the card’s features. However, it represents excellent value for regular Target customers who pay their bills in full. 

The following detail of Target RedCard will help you to understand better if it is a good choice for you or not:

Working On Target RedCard

The Target RedCard comes in different types:

  • Target credit card, which has a private label or closed-loop, is used only at Target websites and stores.
  • Target credit card, which has a MasterCard logo, can be used at any store and website.
  • It is also present in the form of a debit card in which transactions are deducted from the associated checking account at your bank. 

Each card offers comparable benefits. Retailers like Target frequently collaborate with financial institutions to offer a branded credit card on which the retailer and bank share in the customer’s interest and fees. 

The largest bank in the United States, TD Bank USA, N.A., and a subsidiary of the Toronto Dominion Bank of Toronto, Canada, issue these Target credit cards.

Requirement for Target RedCard

The Target RedCard is a great way to enjoy special savings and perks at almost all Target stores. To be eligible for this card, you need to fill out an application which you can find easily on their official websites, stores, and the Target app. To fill out this form, you need to give your personal and financial information:

  • Name & address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license or state identification number
  • Annual gross income (Your income before taxes is deducted from it)

Target will need you to generate a PIN if you submit an online application through their website. This PIN is required to approve purchases in the store. After completing the above-desired information, you can submit your application.

Credit Card Score

Target does not specify the required credit score to get accepted for a Target credit card. The bank still needs to review your credit history and other factors, such as income and the amount of debt you have. You may be approved for the card if you have a fair credit score or above. 

However, even if your credit score is in the 500s, some banks may still approve you. If your credit score needs to be higher to get this card’s best terms and conditions, you might pay more interest and get offered a lower credit limit than someone with excellent credit. 

Additionally, it’s important that you carefully review all of the features associated with a Target RedCard before applying. Ensure you understand any fees or penalties associated with using the card to avoid costly surprises. 

The continuing variable APR is 26.65%. If you carry a balance, think twice before acquiring this card. Your minimum payment due each month can help you budget accordingly and avoid any late payment fees.

Pros & Cons of Target RedCard

Before signing up for the card, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of using one. 


  • Save 5% on all purchases made with your RedCard. 
  • Receive exclusive discounts and offers throughout the year. 
  • Get free shipping when you shop online at Target.
  • No annual fee.
  • Returns and exchanges are permitted for an additional 30 days.
  • Special offers and rewards for customers.
  • New sign-up bonuses.


  • Customers must be a member of Target.
  • The RedCard has a high annual percentage rate (APR).
  • Applicants will need a credit card score to qualify for the card.
  • Limited redemptions.


Why is Apple Pay not Working on Target?

Suppose Apple Pay isn’t working on Target. In that case, there are a few potential causes:

– Your device doesn’t support Apple Pay
– You haven’t added your Target card to the Wallet app on your iOS device
– Your payment details may be incorrect or out-of-date
– The connection between you and your bank is unstable
– There could be a problem with Target’s payment system.

Does Target Self-checkout Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Target self-checkout accepts Apple Pay. Self-checkout counters are available in Target stores, allowing you to scan your purchases and make payments without assistance from a cashier. You can save time because queues are frequently shorter.

How Long Does Target Refund Take Apple Pay?

If your refund request is accepted, Target will return your money to the original mode of payment. It usually takes 2 business days to refund the money. For refunds made with Apple Pay, you should expect to see the refunded amount in your Apple Cash account within 1-3 business days. If your refund is not showing up after this period, contact Target’s customer service for help.

How to Add Target to Apple Wallet?

It is not possible to add Target to the Apple wallet. However, you can use the Target app to access your Cartwheel savings, mobile coupons, and more. You can also get quick access to your RED card balance and manage payments for orders made in-store or online. Additionally, you can create and manage shopping lists, check store availability for items, receive notifications about new product releases, and much more.

Can you Pay with Starbucks App at Target?

It is possible to pay with the Starbucks app at Target. Customers may now use their Apple iPhone or iPod touch to pay for purchases at Starbucks stores nationwide in over 1,000 Target locations using the Starbucks Card Mobile App.

Final Thoughts

Apple Pay has become increasingly popular recently, and Target is cashing in on its convenience. With the ability to make contactless payments with just a touch of your phone or watch, customers can now experience fast and simple checkouts at Target stores.

Just think – you no longer need to worry about carrying a wallet or fumbling around with cash; all it takes is a few clicks, and you’re done! If you haven’t tried paying with Apple Pay yet at Target, try it today.

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