Dissecting the Difference between the Online Entrepreneur and the Online Scammer

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Dissecting the Difference between the Online Entrepreneur and the Online Scammer

Over the last few years, we have witnessed at increase in online businesses, entrepreneurs and of course, online marketers. Yet, has it ever crossed your mind that this type of business empowerment is just a huge conspiracy to boost commerce? While some may feel that it is an era of the rise of the workers – others feel that it is nothing more than the government trying to diminish the presence of unemployment insurance. With prestigious companies such as Inc. Magazine citing statistics like over 85% of employees are planning to look for better jobs in the upcoming year, it is no wonder that so many people are contemplating going into business for themselves. But is it the most ethical choice in such unstable times?

More than enough times, it is not just the concept of money that drives a person to dislike their job. While money is the number one reason, people just need to feel needed at the end of the day. Studies show that the majority of people will consider a career change with a decrease in pay, if they feel their new position will be more self-fulfilling. In fact, to maintain a healthy balance of the two, many people who hold full-time jobs also have freelance jobs on the side in the field they enjoy – not just one that pays the bills efficiently.

The Truth behind Entrepreneurs

Small businesses are thriving right now – and have been for the last few years. Thanks to the Internet, many entrepreneurs have successfully opened businesses from the comfort of their homes, selling products online. This financial outlet enables individuals generate profit in a variety of different ways such as drop shipping, selling advice and guidance and of course, by utilizing online multimedia resources. Business consultants are making a killing just by helping fellow business owners develop and structure their business more effectively.  How do they manage this? By selling package deals, creating businesses and hosting paid webinars that teach others how to do the same.

Many people have conflicting thoughts and feelings about this new wave of small business. Not only does it require consumers to be Internet savvy in order to utilize them, it decreases the amount of brick and mortar stores, which in turn, reduces the amount of local commerce generated by rent, utilities and impulse buying from window shopping. It can also have an indirect effect on aspects such as gas consumption and car sales, since more consumers are shopping online instead.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

When considering the bigger picture and how everything affects one other, either directly or indirectly – it can be quite surprising to consider the negative effects of online businesses. Just as Darwinism depicts, the human race is only attentive to the facts when it affects their individual bigger picture. This is the same for small business. While it may not be the highlight of your day to think about the daily struggle of your favorite corner store, you will surely be discontent when you learn they closed their doors and opened an online store to save costs.  Through the last several years, we have attempted several different strategies to increase commerce, it seems the profit generated from the online world is just way too lucrative to pass up.

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