Deadline to Apply for Maine Property Tax Relief Program is April 1

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Some Maine residents could qualify for a property tax relief program, but they need to act quickly. The Maine property tax relief program called the Homestead Exemption, could give eligible homeowners up to $25,000 in tax relief. The last date to apply for the relief is April 1.

Maine property tax relief program: who will get it?

Maine enacted a homestead exemption program in 1998 to offer relief to homeowners. To qualify for the Maine property tax relief, you need to be a homeowner and must have lived on the property for at least 12 months prior to April 1.

The exemption is applied to a residential property that is assessed as real property. For instance, a mobile home on a rented property may qualify for an exemption. The exemption is limited only to the primary residence. Properties, including camps, vacation homes, and second residences, do not qualify for the Maine property tax relief program.

Eligible applicants need to submit the application with the Assessor’s office by April 1 to qualify for the homestead exemption for the upcoming tax year.  The application form is available in most municipalities, or applicants can download them from the Homestead Exemptions page.

If a home has more than one owner, the signature of only one co-owner is required. Forms submitted after April 1 will be considered for the next tax assessment year.

Homeowners whose exemption is approved don’t need to apply every year. Once approved, the exemption remains in effect as long as the ownership and residency status remain unchanged.

If an applicant’s application is denied, the local assessor will send them a notice that explains the denial reason. Applicants may appeal against the denial by writing a letter to the local Board of Assessment Review or to the County Commissioners.

Other exemptions available

For applicants who qualify for other exemptions, such as the veteran or blind exemption, the Maine Homestead Exemption will be in addition to those exemptions.

The Veteran Exemption is available to veterans who have served during a recognized war period and are 62 years or older; or receive 100% disability as a Veteran; or became 100% disabled while serving.

Under the Veteran Exemption, eligible applicants can get $6,000. Applicants need to submit the application, along with supporting documents, if any, to the municipal Assessor. The last date to apply for the exemption is April 1.

Those who live in an unorganized territory can submit the application with the State Tax Assessor at Maine Revenue Services, Property Tax Division, P.O. Box 9106, Augusta, ME 04332-9106.

Separately, state lawmakers in 2022 approved an expanded benefit for veterans called the Property Tax Fairness Credit. This benefit depends on the property tax paid, but is administered through the individual income tax. Visit the Property Tax Fairness Credit webpage for more information.