5 Best VR Crypto Tokens to Buy and Hold in 2024

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Virtual Reality (VR) crypto projects received renewed interest following Apple Vision Pro. Some believe the latest tech product from Apple may pave the way for a greater adoption of virtual realities.

Despite being priced at $3,499, several reports indicate that around 200,000 units were already sold.

In short, virtual reality or augmented reality has been a hot sector in the blockchain space for many years. Imagine entering a digital world with shops, malls, music or science lessons, socializing with friends, owning properties, and doing almost everything you do in your day-to-day life.

Pioneered by Decentraland, metaverse development projects are benefiting from renewed interest.

Find out the top VR crypto projects we have selected for 2024.

Best VR Cryptocurrencies in 2024

  1. 5th Scape: A crypto project that focuses on creating a gigantic VR ecosystem. 5th Scape is also planning to launch a VR headset (dubbed VR Ultra Headset) with a matching chair with motion support (dubbed Swift Scape VR Chair) and a virtual reality arena for a fully immersive VR experience.
  2. Victoria VR: The token was launched in 2022. It is the first project to develop an app for Apple Vision Pro that is planned for release in the second quarter of 2024. Combining Web 3 with Apple Vision Pro will litmus test whether Apple users are prepared for a new blockchain-based VR.
  3. Vulcan Forged: A known gaming studio with multiple games has released a new metaverse builder called ‘MetaScapes.’ Users can create their land, customize it, and sell NFTs that are forged in the marketplace. A Layer 1 dubbed Elysium is also being developed with 2,500 TPS to power the metaverse platforms.
  4. Gamium: A tech company that is building a new layer of identity for the Internet. The metaverse platform is designed not only for individuals but for businesses and large brands as well.
  5. Meta Hero: A blockchain project that provides 3D modeling devices that will create avatars for the metaverse. The scan includes accurate biometrics measures that can be used for gaming, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Top VR Crypto Projects – Our Take

Due to the new interest in the metaverse, many crypto traders are on the search for the best virtual reality tokens. Below is a detailed analysis of the top VR cryptocurrencies in 2024.

1. 5th Scape – An Immersive VR Project with VR Headset and Chair to Boost the Experience

5th Scape aims to revolutionize the VR gaming experience. The presale has commenced, which makes an early-stage crypto investment. At a presale, individuals often receive a better price for the token than the listing price.

Led by Anoj Kumar, 5thscape is developing VR games that will be part of the $5SCAPE ecosystem. The first game that is under development is the MMA Cage Conquest.

Players battle in a classic MMA arena with live commentary and cheering from the crowd. The game is developed to mimic real-life experiences. Players will feel as if they are standing in the iconic MMA cage fights,

A new trailer was released for the upcoming MMA VR game:

5th Scape is not only about cage fights. Cricket, soccer, archery, and racing games are all planned in the roadmap.

The VR crypto games will be powered by the project’s native token, $5SCAPE. Players can unlock premium VR content and in-game features with the toke. To expand the VR ecosystem, developers are incentivized by earning $5SCAPE for games they develop on 5th Scape.

Max Supply5.211 Billion
Tokens Available in Presale4.164 Billion
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token typeERC-20
Minimum Purchase
Purchase WithETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Credit Card (KYC Required)

2. Victoria VR – First Crypto Project to Launch an App on Apple Vision Pro

Powered by Unreal Engine, Victoria VR is scheduled to launch an app on the latest Apple Vision Pro in the second quarter of 2024.

The Victoria VR offers leisure activities, education, exploration, and events all from a single place. The native token of the metaverse, $VR is powering the ecosystem.

The project announced it is allocating 50% of the generated revenue from the in-game item sales into a pool that will be used to reward its users.

Like 5th Scape, a new trailer was recently released for the CQB arena.

The Close Quarters Battle (CQB) challenges include a fully customizable riffle that can be tailored to match one’s preferences in the game.

Since the launch of the CQB and the news an app will be available on Apple Vision Pro, Victoria VR price has enjoyed strong gains in the crypto markets.

CQB includes scenarios of hostages and clearing buildings. Victoria VR is more than just a shooting game. Users can purchase land and create what they desire. The NFTs in the metaverse can be sold in the marketplace for a profit.

Max Supply16.8B
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token typeERC-20

3. Vulcan Forged – VR Gaming Studio with a New Layer 1 for the Metaverse

Vulcan Forged is a known Web 3 gaming studio. With several gaming products such as 3-D Chess, Block Babies, and Coddle Pets, Vulcan Forged unveiled a new VR NFT game in September, dubbed ‘Taratrus.’

The survival game takes place in the VulkVerse, the metaverse of the Vulcan Forged. Players slay demons in a virtual reality environment in exchange for XP points. Tartarus is the first Oculus VR game that is listed on Meta Quest Labs.

A short trailer was released in September 2023, covering the latest game from the blockchain company.

The token powering the VulkanVerse is $PYR. With only a 50M supply, the token is available on Ethereum and Polygon.

$PYR holders can earn rewards by locking their tokens. Token holders can also vote on key decisions that are taken by the games’ developers. $PYR has also enjoyed some gains following the recent Bitcoin rally ahead of the halving event.

he Elysium Layer 1 chain comes with 2,500 TPS and is designed for VR games. Vulcan Forged is launching a new game on Elysium, ‘Crystals of Fate.’

The game is free to play and based on a P2E model. Players who perform well are rewarded in accordance.

Max Supply50M
BlockchainEthereum and Polygon
Token typeERC-20

4. Gamium – VR with a New Layer Identity for the Masses

Gamium posted strong gains in early 2023 when it partnered with Telefonica, one of the top companies in Spain.

Gamium embarked on a mission to ‘humanize the internet.’ Rather than a VR crypto game, Gamium offers a new immersive experience to the traditional internet.

The Didit Protocol, part of Gamium, is an identity layer that strives to replace the way the internet is surfed today. Rather than using passwords for different websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and even online banking, Didit will be used to authenticate the user.

Once a crypto wallet is connected to Didit via a digital signature, Didit can interact with Web 3 applications rather than using email addresses and passwords.

The second product is Genesis, the blockchain-based VR platform. Genesis is a social metaverse platform, changing the way humans interact.

The virtual world consists of 10 neighborhoods and Genesis is the main city. Users can interact with each other, go shopping, and even own land.

Lands are ERC-721 tokens (NFTs on Ethereum). Users can buy land from the marketplace to create social events such as hosting a party, advertising businesses, renting their land to other users, and much more.

If Gamium succeeds in boarding the masses to its platform, it will be a step closer to achieving its goals.

Max Supply50B
BlockchainEthereum and BSC
Token typeERC-20, BEP-20

5. Meta Hero: Custom-made 3D Avatars with Biometrics Measures

Meta Hero provides cutting-edge technology for gaming companies and the health industry. The team developed 3D modeling scans that create a digital avatar that looks exactly like you.

The Meta Hero team recently made a breakthrough, the 3D scans are also compatible with Unreal Engine.

For healthcare, a fitness training program can be crafted based on your physique. The same method can be applied to physical therapy. Your trainer can provide an adequate program per your body measurements.

Scanners are available in Warsaw and Zurich. In August 2023, meta hero token holders voted to launch the next scanner in Tokyo, Japan.

Making it to Japan will be a great success for the project as Asian countries are more active in mixed realities compared to their counterparts in the United States and Europe.

Max Supply10B
Token typeBEP-20

Will Virtual Reality Popularity Increase in 2024?

Augmented reality has been popular for several years. The popularity however decreased over time. In October 2023, Microsoft shut down its industrial metaverse project Airism.

With the launch of Apple Visio Pro, interest in virtual reality has been rekindled. One indicator may be the number of sales of Apple’s latest product. If the sales remain strong by the end of 2024, metaverse-related projects may rally.

Mixed reality in healthcare is another niche that is forecasted to grow to $79.6B by 2028 from $9.5 billion in 2023 (+52.9% CAGR).


What is the best VR Crypto Project?

Virtual or mixed reality crypto projects offer solutions to different sectors. While gaming is a fairly dominant sector, healthcare and industrial usage is also a niche to look out for. Researching is important to understand which VR project appeals to you the most.

Are Metaverse VR Games Popular?

Yes. Many VR platforms are free to play and offer a play-to-earn mechanism. The more you advance and perform in the game, the higher your rewards will be. In most crypto VR games, the rewards are either tokens or NFTs that can be sold in the NFT marketplace.

Where can I buy Crypto VR Tokens From?

Virtual reality cryptocurrencies can be bought from centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and sometimes directly through the project’s website. 5th Scape tokens can only be purchased from the 5th Scaoe website.