Cricket: Intel Bring Drones, Smart Bats, VR To ICC Champions Trophy

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With an estimated 2-billion+ fans Worldwide, Cricket is one of the most popular sports on the planet. Most commonly played in Commonwealth countries such as England, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more. It is a sport that is growing in both TV viewership and those who actively take part. As such, it attracts sponsorship deals and attention from technology companies looking to get involved. One such company is Intel, and it’s going to be debuting, its Intel Cricket Analysis Tech at the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy.

Intel Cricket Analysis Tech

Like all modern sports, Cricket isn’t immune to the need for keeping its fans on the edge of their seats. However, for those who the rush of a string of six’s or the comedy of a runout just isn’t enough, there’s data.

How can data play a part in entertainment? To be honest, you probably already consume it, take soccer for instance. During a game, you are updated with possession, shots, corners, KM covered and more. So, considering that Cricket, is also an active field-based sport the International Cricket Council (ICC) have been working with Intel.

This work has resulted in a suite of Intel Cricket Analysis Technologies which will give fans, and broadcasters what they want. As for what it includes, there’s a drone, that will provide pitch analysis, and a VR experience. However, there is also technology, which can actively monitor players during the game, and includes the following.

A Bat Sensor

Imagine a piece of technology, that attaches to a Cricket bat and provides real time in game data. Thanks to Intel and the ICC that now exists as part of the Intel Cricket Analysis suite. Powered by Intel’s Curie tech it allows data to be collected about a player’s swing and more. What’s truly exciting about this is the fact that it can be used by almost anyone who understands it. Whether that be a coach, TV, or viewers looking to understand how their favorite player is getting on.

When asked about it, Intel said,

“With this technology, parameters like back-lift, bat speed, and follow-through can be tracked for every cricket stroke. Several batsmen will use these sensors in games at the 2017 Champions Trophy. Doing so will enable new insights on stroke play and rich storytelling during broadcasts.”

Virtual Reality Experience

An area of entertainment technology, which most associate with gaming is Virtual Reality. Although that’s not really the case, as sports like Soccer and Cricket are now also offering consumers a way to get involved in VR. As such, this is another area in which the Cricket Analysis tech can be used. Intel didn’t want to pass up what could soon be a very lucrative opportunity. A such, Intel will make VR units available at some ICC Champions Trophy Cricket matches, and allow fans to experience it for themselves.

Additionally, Intel will make VR zones available to fans at The Oval and Edgbaston, at which they will face a fast paced bowler. This will take advantage of a head-display similar to that found on the PSVR. And also allow a user to test his/her batting skills.

As for when this Intel Cricket Analysis will finally get its debut, that’s when England play Bangladesh at the Oval. And then later with New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, and Pakistan also involved.

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