How To Create / Share Your Facebook Year In Review 2017 Video

How To Create / Share Your Facebook Year In Review 2017 Video
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The Facebook Year in Review 2017 video is up now, and watching it to see what people around the world talked the most about this year certainly puts things into perspective. These videos have become an annual tradition now, as the company did the same thing last year. The social network announced the release of its annual video this week, using it to highlight “the top ways people came together on Facebook to support one another.”

While that sounds warm and fuzzy, most of the most talked-about events were tragedies, and I’m not talking about President Trump’s antics or the furor that has erupted around his policies (whether you like them or not). Then again, that’s what the news is built around, but we bet you can’t guess which event was the most talked-about this year.

A look back at 2017

You may also have started seeing your friends’ Facebook Year in Review 2017 videos appear recently. It’s easy to get your own video, and we’ll tell you how. But first, let’s look at the major events people were talking about on Facebook in 2017. It’s highly likely that Facebook’s PR department didn’t want to touch politics with a ten-foot pole, or a pole of any size, for that matter. As such, the events the company highlighted tend to be more neutral—things that most people felt bad or good about.

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According to the company’s own Facebook Year in Review 2017 video, the number one most talked-about moment this year was International Women’s Day. That’s certainly not what I would have guessed. In second place was Super Bowl 51, and in third place was the violence in Las Vegas, which spurred conversation even among those many thousands of miles away in other countries.

Facebook Year in Review 2017: people helping people

The Facebook Year in Review 2017 video also highlighted the three “top moments where we saw people come to each other’s aid.” In first place was the earthquake in Mexico, which happened in September and drove the greatest number of Crisis Response interactions this year as millions of people marked themselves safe, offered help, or donated to help recovery efforts.

In second place was Hurricane Harvey, and more than $20 million was raised through Facebook for recovery efforts, which made it the largest fundraising effort for a single crisis this year. The most-viewed video and live broadcast on the social network this year was One Love Manchester, which raised over $450,000 for those affected by the terrorist attack in Manchester, England and generated more than 80 million views.

The Facebook Year in Review 2017 video also highlighted the top two offline moments that involved using the social network to create events. In first place was the total solar eclipse, and in second place was the Women’s March on D.C.

How to create and share your own Facebook Year in Review 2017 video

So those were the top events in the social network’s own Year in Review 2017 video, but you can create your own based on your posts and friends made throughout the year. Your Facebook Year in Review 2017 video will include friends you made this year, posts that you either created or were tagged in, popular photos and other things you did on the social network.

Facebook Year In Review 2017 Video
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To access the video Facebook has made for you, click here. If you receive an error message stating that the content isn’t available now, don’t worry. Some users are finding that their videos aren’t ready yet, so you might have to wait. If your video is there and you like what the company’s algorithm made for you, just click “share,” and it will be posted to your Timeline.

If you want to switch anything out, just click “edit,” and a new window will open with some options. Facebook lists all the items it included in your Year in Review 2017 video, and underneath each entry, you’ll see “replace this post.” Click that and then swap out any of the entries you don’t like and replace with a new one. Once you’ve finished, just save all your changes, and then share your Facebook Year in Review 2017 video on your timeline.

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