How We Really Feel About Holiday Shopping [Survey Results]

How We Really Feel About Holiday Shopping [Survey Results]

Online shopping and ecommerce is one of the hottest holiday shopping trends.  More and more people are choosing to shop online as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The growth of companies like Amazon and Walmart are helping to drive this push.  New survey data from Shorr Packaging shows that 70% of shoppers prefer shopping online over shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar store.  On top of that they also found that in-store shoppers are twice as likely to be stressed as online shoppers.

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Holiday Shopping Trends

To try and find out more about holiday shopping trends for 2017, they surveyed 2,000 holiday shoppers to learn more about consumer shopping habits and preferences for the holiday gift giving season. They found that 68% of consumers do a majority of their holiday shopping online.  This number has seen steady increase of the last few years.  Shoppers that do their holiday shopping online are buying on average 20 gifts or more.  Shoppers who prefer to anticipate shopping at traditional brick-and-mortar stores tend to buy on average 5 less items than shoppers who prefer to shop online.

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Holiday Shopping

The survey data also found a correlation between shopping online and earnings.  It turns out if you make more money, you tend to do more holiday shopping online. They found that 83% of people making more than $100k a year do a majority of their shopping online.  When you compare that to people who make less than $30k a year, only 61% do most of their shopping online.

Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

The survey also looked at the main reasons that consumers avoid doing 100% of their shopping online. Listed below are the results:

  • 29% want to be able to touch and see products before they buy them
  • 17% don’t like paying the cost for shipping
  • 15% enjoy the holiday displays in traditional stores
  • 13% of people just want to get out of the house
  • 9% have trust issues and don’t trust the stores to ship on time
  • 8% don’t trust the online pictures, descriptions or reviews of the products online
  • 5% think it’s cheaper to do their holiday shopping offline
  • 3% say they are more disciplined their spending when shopping offline

Holiday Shopping

On the flip side they also looked at the top reasons that holiday shoppers hate shopping at traditional brick-and-mortar stores.  Here’s what they found:

  • 72% cited crowds and lines as the number one reason they hate during their holiday shopping in stores
  • 8% blamed limited inventory in the stores
  • 5% cited higher prices and less discounts
  • 5% didn’t want to deal with the holiday traffic
  • 4% said bad customer service
  • 2% said parking

To see the full analysis on 2017 holiday shopping trends, check out the infographic below.

Holiday Shopping


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