The Cr4shed crash reporter is crashing; here’s how to fix it

The Cr4shed crash reporter is crashing; here’s how to fix it
Image source: Phone Arena (screenshot)

When it comes to jailbreaking iPhones, numerous problems can be created. However, the benefits of freeing them from Apple’s requirements are great enough to convince many users to jailbreak their devices. One essential tool used in jailbreaking is Cr4shed, which is an app used to report bugs and crashes to developers of tweaks and jailbreak tools.

Unfortunately, Cr4shed is itself crashing for many users when it opens. Thankfully, there is an easy way to fix it.

What is Cr4shed?

When developers work on apps for smartphones, it’s impossible to know how every device will respond to them. As a result, some devices may crash when using a particular app, while others might not.

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Cr4shed makes it easy for jailbreakers to report any problems they experience so developers can fix them in future updates. The app provides a single place to report problems with jailbreak tools and tweaks, making it easier for developers to see bug reports instead of having to search multiple platforms like Reddit, Twitter and other social networks.

Unfortunately, version 4.0-1 of the crash reporter was released on Sunday, and it caused some problems for users. PiunikaWeb spotted the growing number of crash reports about it on Monday.

How to fix the crash reporter

Tweak developer Muirey03 tweeted that they forgot to make Cephei a dependency on version 4.0-1 of Cr4shed, which is why it may crash when it’s launched. He also offered a very simple solution for those who are experiencing this problem:

Cephei is a hidden package in Cydia that provides a framework for iPhones and iPads that have been jailbroken. The package contains code shared by many packages, and tweak developers can use the APIs it provides in the code for their tweaks.

Muirey03 also posted a Reddit thread about Cr4shed to list the problems version 4.0 does fix. It enhances the crash-reporting app’s stability and offers a new user interface. Mach exception handling has been rewritten, and xcode debugging problems have been resolved. The update also implements a process blacklist and added the ability to email developers who maintain culprit packages.

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