This jailbreak tweak will change screen resolution of older iPhones

If you have an iPhone XS or other older model equipped with Apple’s A12 chip, you may have wondered about changing the screen resolution. Now there’s a jailbreak tweak that will allow you to change the screen resolution on older iPhones.

Problems trying to change the screen resolution on older iPhones

PiunikaWeb spotted the jailbreak tweak and a number of threads about changing the screen resolution on older iPhones. This Reddit thread suggests that it isn’t a good idea to change the resolution. One person said when they did it, they had to restore their iPhone because it permanently left the device on a black screen. Another person responded and said it will cause the screen to flicker when the iPhone isn’t jailbroken.

Apparently, trying to change the screen resolution of any A12 iPhone, which includes the X, XS, XS Max and XR, causes problems. However, there is a jailbreak tweak that allows for it without any problems.

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New jailbreak tweak allows it

The jailbreak tweak has been tested on an iPhone XS running on iOS 12.1.1, and it should work on other iPhones with the A12 chip. However, it is important to note that not all apps will work with a custom resolution.

The tweak is called A12CustomResFix, and it can be downloaded here. There’s a lengthy Reddit thread talking about the jailbreak tweak here. The original poster said they fixed the respring loop that occurs when a non-standard resolution is set on A12 iPhone models. This is probably the issue many people were experiencing when they tried to switch the resolution on any of those iPhone models.

This Redditor provided a tutorial for those who want to use the tweak to change the resolution on their iPhone:

[Tutorial] Use iPhone Xs Max resolution on iPhone X from r/jailbreak

Click here for the entire thread about the tutorial. We must emphasize that this tweak is very unpredictable and could cause problems.

There are similar tweaks that switch up the resolution on A12 iPhones, like the YouTube tweak that gets rid of the notch.