Construction Worker Finds A Snake In The Car While On The Road

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Your morning commute may be boring, but it could be a lot worse. Brisbane Snake Catchers shared a video on Facebook of an Australian construction worker dealing with a snake in the car.

A Snake In the Car

A post shared on January 9th showed a video of a construction worker who had called for help from Brisbane Snake Catchers to deal with a snake in the car. The video included below documents his scary encounter as well as the process of dealing with the snake in the car. Warning: it’s not for the squeamish.

The situation is scary to imagine. In the early morning many people are driving to work and still trying to wake up – perhaps dealing with rush hour traffic in the process. Imagine suddenly dealing with a snake in the car, as the creature slithers across your arm. It’s a wonder that this unfortunate construction worker didn’t crash and that he had the clarity of mind to call the experts for help rather than trying to deal with the situation himself.

In the Facebook post, the Brisbane Snake Catchers detail the situation upon finding the snake in the car.

“On arrival it was underneath the dashboard at a quick glance at what we could see, we realized we were dealing with an adult Eastern brown snake.”

NDTV reports that these snakes can grow up to 7-feet-long, and their venom is very dangerous – causing blood to clot heavily. The removal process took around an hour, according to the Snake Catchers.

“We managed to gain access through a small spacing around the handbrake, as it had gone deep under the center console of the vehicle.”

The company theorized that the snake in the car had entered the vehicle through an open window. If there’s one takeaway from this ordeal, it’s to not leave your windows rolled down in Australia!

Danger In Australia

While the snake in the car is a frightening and potentially dangerous occurrence, that’s far from the only threat present down under. Australia is home to some of the deadliest animals in the world, including some snakes that put the Eastern brown snake to shame.

If the snake in the car had been an inland Taipan, for example, the situation would have been much more dire. Australian Geographic reports that that particular snake has enough venom in a single bite to kill multiple humans. While the Eastern brown snake could cause some major issues with a bite, the Australian construction worker would have probably been fine if he sought quick medical attention. The same might not be said for a snake like the Taipan, but luckily that particular snake is mostly isolated to the remote desert within the country.
While Australia is a beautiful country with a thriving tourism industry, the animals necessitate respect and caution. From Great White Sharks in the ocean to the inland Taipan in the remote reaches of the desert, there are a lot of animals that could cause some serious harm if crossed.

The video of the snake in the car is shocking for sure, but the construction worker handled it in the best way possible. With similar respect and caution when dealing with Australia’s wildlife, the country remains an excellent place to live or visit.

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