Concept Images Show What Foldable iPhone Might Look Like

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Now that Samsung has unveiled its first foldable phone, speculations are in full swing about what the foldable iPhone would look like. Giving us some idea are the new concept images of the foldable iPhone X.

iPhone X Fold – how it could look?

The new concept images come courtesy of Foldable News and industrial designer Roy Gilsing. Overall, the concept images appear quite similar to Samsung’s foldable phone, called Galaxy Fold.

iPhone X Fold foldable iphone
Image Source: Foldable News (screenshot)

The rendered images call the foldable iPhone an “iPhone X Fold” and it is shown with a vertical hinge. It unfolds into a much larger tablet-like design, and when closed, the display is visible on the front as well. The design of the phone is the same as the iPhone X, including a notch at the top and edge-to-edge design.

When the device unfolds, we get to see even more edge-to-edge screen design. In comparison, the Galaxy Fold has a bezel-friendly design. However, the main screen on the iPhone X Fold features a Samsung-style punch-hole camera. The foldable display of the iPhone X Fold features 2:3 aspect ratio, while the outer display has a 1:3 aspect ratio.

The concept images show the device switching seamlessly between the iPhone and iPad modes. Also, the device can be used in portrait as well as landscape mode.

Foldable iPhone
Image Source: Foldable News (screenshot)

Moreover, the concept images offer interesting uses for the foldable iPhone. In one instance, the screen folds up to look like a laptop and the bottom display automatically turns into a keyboard. This concept is very similar to Nokia’s popular Communicator range, which debuted in the 90s. Hopefully, Apple would add Apple Pencil support if it adopts a similar design.

“It would be so cool to hold an iPad-size screen in your pocket. And it’s really convenient to make calls and chat with a long style phone,” Gilsing says.

As of now, there is no official confirmation from Apple’s side on the foldable iPhone. Nor do we expect any news or confirmation from Apple either considering how thoughtful the company is about keeping its upcoming products secret.

But, a foldable iPhone patent application recently surfaced, suggesting Apple is at least considering the idea of a foldable phone. Also, a Bank of America analyst last year said that the U.S. company is working on a foldable phone, which could come by 2020.

Samsung might delay foldable iPhone

When, or even if, we will actually get to see the foldable iPhone remains to be seen. But, there are reports suggesting that a foldable iPhone could be delayed due to Samsung. The Korean company has already beaten Apple to the foldable smartphone, and many believe Samsung’s clout in the display market could delay Apple’s plan of a foldable iPhone.

Many expect Samsung to hold off the supply of the Infinity Flex displays. Since, Apple is unlikely to get flexible OLED displays from elsewhere, it will likely delay Apple’s flexible iPhone. Apple already depends on Samsung for the OLED screens, but is reportedly working with LG to supply it with smartphone displays.

Samsung is regarded as among the best display makers, especially for the smaller devices. Thus, it was no surprise that Samsung is the first to come up with a foldable phone. As well, if Samsung’s foldable phone, which costs $2000, proves a hit, it could prove hard for Apple to secure the displays.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs believe that the Galaxy Fold is a major “potential challenge” to the iPhone. Samsung’s foldable device will hit the shelves on April 27 and could encourage users to replace their phone and tablet.

“We see this as challenging for Apple who could find themselves with no access to the critical flexible OLED technology for which we believe Samsung has at least a two-year lead over other display competitors,” the analysts said in a research note published on Feb. 20.

Galaxy Fold – known specs

Talking of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it was unveiled last week. The device features a 4.6-inch screen, which unfolds into a 7.3-inch tablet. Its main display is QXGA+ resolution (4.2:3), while the smaller one is HD+ (12:9) display.

The Korean firm demonstrated the Fold’s ability by displaying three apps simultaneously. Also, the company showed how the device transitions between the phone and tablet mode. The phone features larger bezels when compared to what we see in current phones.

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