CNBC: Jeffrey Gundlach’s Bond Outlook

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CNBC’s Gary Kaminsky spoke with one of the bond manager, Jeffrey Gundlach, of DoubleLine Capital. “You want to have your investments in US Dollar based assets,” he says.



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nd murdoch gets in the game specifically the twitter game.back from the beach and i got to see this tan. oh my gosh. you look handsome. thank you. thank you so much. you know, they actually try to do the walk here. let me give it a shot here. like everybody else, this is a fresh start. i spent the last couple of weeks reading the summary reports who did what, why they did it. i picked up the new york times on saturday and i was excitedwhen i saw this headline. three experts weigh in on 2012. i actually saw saul come into the building and i said howdisappointing is it when i pull up this piece and who are theygiving their 2012 outlook? bill miller, bill grouse and one other individual. if you want to find out what’s going to happen in 2012, why in god’s name would you go and look at people that were completely wrong a year ago. doing that, i wanted to circle back as i pointed out, some of those have made the best calls in 2011. those that are right, it is a performance based have got be right to grow the business. what is his key metrics that he is focused on in terms of setting up the portfolio. let’s listen to this. you want to have your investments in u.s. dollar based assets. you want to be very, very concerned about counter party risk. this will play into europe. it is not out of focus today but it will become a focus again. you want to suspend purchases. i think this is very interesting. we had a very significant performance in 2011. be concerned about what’s happening with the shanghai kpoz it. and find that most bond managers are going to revert to indexing. today is the kind of day where it’s like going back-to-school. it didn’t work last year. it’s a great field. i have been in that scene. let’s get involved with something. it didn’t work. let’s make it work now. i like to go with people that have the correct performance. i like to listen to people that have gotten it right. today is one day. many of the issues that we faced last friday are still here just not in the markets today. if there is a wave towards indexing, is that healthy or not. if you’re going get this move to index iing if individuals an institutions are going to move money out of bond funds, then all of those pubically traded asset managers that are running bonds and adding no value, they are all shorts. i’m going be at goldman sachs tomorrow. we’re going have an opportunity to go behind the scenes. a lot more as you make your way to goldman tomorrow. see you in a few minutes. you can handle it. all right. let’s get there this morning. rick?

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