Chinese Man Can’t Get Home After Son Draws On Passport

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Many parents are so proud of their children’s doodling that they keep them for years, stuck to the fridge or in a scrap book.

One Chinese man may have slightly different feelings towards this particular drawing. His 4-year-old son drew all over his passport, leaving him stuck in South Korea after authorities refused to let him board a plane home, writes Amanda Williams for The Daily Mail.

Child artist leaves father stuck in South Korean airport

The doodle itself is quite charming, but the child could not have chosen a worse place to express his artistic leanings. Border officials were less than impressed with the drawing and the man is stuck at the airport.

Not content with adding a beard to his father’s face, the boy scrawled a series of people and animals onto the passport in black felt tip. The drawing went undiscovered until the man attempted to board a plane back to China at the end of the family trip.

Authorities could not recognize the man from his augmented passport photo and he was stopped at security. His son and the rest of his family boarded the plane without any issues, but the man, known only as Chen, remains in South Korea.

Man posts photo online in appeal for help

Chen took to popular Chinese microblogging site Weibo to appeal for help, posting a photo of his passport online. He asked users for their help and advice as to how he would finally be able to get home.

Among the figures drawn by the boy are a cat, flowers and a few humanoid shapes. His father received a slight makeover, with a beard and some other hair added.

As his family settles back into life in China, the man is presumably waiting for a new passport before he can make his journey home. It might be too soon to laugh about the incident now, but assuming he is allowed to keep the ruined passport he will have a far more storied souvenir affixed to his fridge than most parents.

Fingers crossed he gets back soon enough to congratulate the budding artist he has raised.

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