Central Banks Influence – Viewer Questions Answered Video 2-7-2017

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We discuss viewer questions in this video from how Central Banks influence asset prices, to trade position sizing, to salesman types that you should avoid like the plague, to economists and why there needs to be a Chinese Wall between Economists and Financial Markets.

Economists have destroyed Financial Markets and actually the original intentions of the Federal Reserve itself as an institution. Everything economists touch these days turns to shit, they perversely would screw up a perfectly running system with their constant “tinkering” nature. If our economy were somehow in perfect shape, put an economist in charge of controlling monetary policy, and in six months they would sow the seeds for its inevitable decline.

They really have been allowed to run amuck in the financial system because it enabled both more irresponsible government spending measures, and extra speculative and excessive risk taking in financial markets by financial institutions like Investment Banks. Economists have become the great enablers of society, the economic welfare gods to these two institutions: Government and Wall Street.

Given this fact, there is no one left to check their destructive policies but concerned individuals who understand the damage that economists and Central Banks have done to the financial system, and want these harmful policies removed from the system before the entire financial system collapses.

This was the one area I agreed with Donald Trump on reducing government spending and lowering the National Debt, but he lied about his intentions in this regard, and he is not interested in seriously draining the swamp in Washington, the Federal Reserve or Wall Street!

When the Ultimate Bill comes due, this is the only way these people address these issues, well at 20 Trillion in government debt, the bill has come due. I am tired of paying taxes every year with such ridiculous frivolous Washington Spending and inefficient use of existing resources, and “take the easy way out” government and Central Bank solutions to fundamental problems facing our country. Tough choices will need to be made, and pain will occur to properly address long standing problems that we have kicked the can down the road in avoiding in an unbalanced and systemically flawed system.



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