Halftime Interview With Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper

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Watch as the Panthers owner is interviewed during halftime of Carolina’s preseason game against Miami.

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Halftime Interview With Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper


Live halftime guest.

The owner of the Carolina Panthers David Tepper 60 years old born in Pittsburgh grew up there played some football in his day MBA degree from Carnegie Mellon and then the founder and president of Appaloosa Management and now has added the Carolina Panthers to his portfolio.

Welcome. This is your first game. Now the first game environment as owner of the Panthers how it felt to be in your state. It's great. I mean it really feels great. It's having a lot of fun down here. We're still getting a little bit. And mix it up a little bit out there so.

There's nothing better what could be better than that.

What emotions did it bring up for you when you were unanimously ratified and you knew you had the Carolina Panthers.

Well I don't know who you are. You know that I grew up in inner city and Pittsburgh so I wasn't a football game until I was in my mid 20s NFL game. So to. Have a unanimous vote to be an owner NFL team. It's you know unbelievable sort of Cinderella. Story for me I mean this craziness. Dave what's your vision for the Carolina Panthers under your stewardship. Vision. Only one vision to win not a hard vision. You know so I mean I think what we got to do is every way we can increase the probability of winning. That's what we got to do. Whether it's. You know practice an indoor practice facility or one at some point. Whether it's not. Having to practice out in the sleet stores before playoff games whatever increases Appro billion a percentage you know they say it's a game of inches. So I like to get that extra couple inches.

How would you describe your leadership and management style. Well. If I look historically it's a lot of discipline. Discipline and not making mistakes or things that you can control.

Because a lot of things you can't control. You know what I do and also a lot of things you can't control out there. You don't make mistakes. He's a good. So that's if he can do that you win you win more.

DAVE TEPPER when he's you know growing up as a boy in Pittsburgh when did you know that you could do things with Fritchey said risk management. Other people could not do with what I'm sorry spreadsheets data at risk and now that I used to I used to collect baseball cards.

So I had every baseball player memorized when I was a kid. Every stat memorized and stuff like that a lot of kids. So. I was just very good with numbers. I don't know if I realize it at some point.

You know. Just. Listen at some point I just did it better than other people I didn't know what that was going on.

Your modesty is appreciated but unnecessary. You were a part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers limited partner there. Was good parts of that organization do you want to import to the Carolina Panthers.

Well I think on the on the football side I think the patience that you need sometimes to let things develop is important. You're not talking about coaches playersetc. I think if you look at the Pittsburgh organization and the number of coaches they had over the years there's a certain amount of patience you know the day is evident. So I think you know I think that's very important. I think he also I think that just for the most part you let the coaches coach.

And you try to stay you know you let them do their job.

And every once in a while you have to get ball but hopefully it's not that often because that's what people do their job. I think that's a Pittsburgh way here.

Dave when you first learned the Panthers were for sale. What factors made it an attractive investment for you.

What made you attract investment is that what you asked her she want investment advice is that going oh my gosh. Now you get a concussion a lot of money get that.

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