Carl Icahn CNBC Interview Regarding ‘Herbalife’ [VIDEO]

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Carl Icahn CNBC Interview Regarding 'Herbalife' [VIDEO]

Carl Icahn says his primary motive for betting on Herbalife is to make money in a live telephone interview on “Fast Money Halftime,”, but he won’t feel sorry if Bill Ackman loses along the way.

Full video and computer transcript below:

i don’t like Bill ackman. everybody knows that. i don’t respect him.everybody knows that. actually, ackman called me a great investor. i think that comes to the point. i do not as a great investor that’s what he’s calling me, buy things just to get even with anybody. i’m not buying this company and putting money into it unless i’ve done a lot of research on it and believe it. the fact that ackman short — and forget i don’t like him, the fact that you have a major short position is one of the indices i look at when i buy something. the bigger the short position in a company the more enticing it is. it is one of the qualifications or can be a qualification. this company doesn’t even need that. it’s a growth company making free cash flow, 700, 800 million. it’s a great company to take private. this is the perfect quintessential example of a company that should be takenprivate. it has a high cash flow. it has steady growth income.low cap x. favored valuation thanks to ackman. you can leverage it easily today. i think that that is an area that the company should be looking at. i’m not running the company.but i said that in my 13 d. i think there’s a great deal of money to be made here because i think this is on the verge of a paradigm shift. look two months ago or six months ago i bought cbi where noek liked it. it was the refinery. it was on the verge of a secular change. again at the risk of being modest we’re close to being up $2 billion on that. this is the same situation.

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