Cash Levels At Consumer Discretionary Companies In Asia – Japan Is King

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In company valuation, you start with forecasting. The benefit of this research is that it can help you to better forecast the balance sheets of companies in Asian Consumer Discretionary. In this business valuation guide, you’ll learn about cash levels in the Consumer Discretionary sector across developed, emerging, and frontier markets in Asia.

Watch the video with Andrew Stotz where he walks you through the charts of the cash levels in companies in Asian Consumer Discretionary or have a look at the charts below.

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Cash at Consumer Discretionary Companies in Asia

Developed Asia: Australia and New Zealand had lowest levels of cash, Hong Kong and Japan highest

Consumer Discretionary Companies In Asia

Emerging Asia 80%: China has always had lots of cash, Taiwan catching up, India has relatively low cash levels

Consumer Discretionary Companies In Asia

Emerging Asia 20%: Malaysia and Philippines Consumer Discretionary companies are flush with cash, Pakistan less so

Consumer Discretionary Companies In Asia

Frontier Asia: Frontier companies are all sitting on about the same low 6-10% of cash

Consumer Discretionary Companies In Asia

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