Huawei and to Give Chinese Users Easier Access to Bitcoin

Huawei and to Give Chinese Users Easier Access to Bitcoin
BTC Keychain via Flickr (CC BY 2.0) the bitcoin/bitcoin cash wallet, block explorer and largest mining pool in the world (a product of Bitmain), is released as the first cryptocurrency app to be released on the Huawei app store.

Huawei, who recently passed Apple to become the world’s second largest phone manufacturer, is partnering with to try and make it easier for Chinese customers to access bitcoin to use as a digital currency.

China’s people spent US$12.7trillion in mobile payments in 2017, and with this announcement Huawei and will help crack into the mobile payment market dominated by Alipay and Tencent (WeChat) which makes up more than 90% of all mobile payments.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands — May. 11, 2018 –, the leading digital platform for cryptocurrency users, miners and developers, today announced the mobile wallet will be the first cryptocurrency app released on Huawei’s AppGallery.’s wallet has more than a million users and has processed more than five billion USD worth of Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash since 2015. As Android users can’t access Google Play Store in China due to a Firewall,’s wallet gives Huawei users a chance to interact with a digital currency app for the first time. The Huawei AppGallery will be pre-installed on all new Huawei and Honor phones, starting with Huawei P20, and will be rolled out to older devices during Q2 2018.

“ is democratizing Bitcoin by breaking down barriers to entry and ensuring new users can access Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in a simple, secure and trusted environment,” said Alejandro de la Torre, VP of Business Operations, “China is almost a ‘cashless economy’ today, accounting for almost 62% of all global mobile transactions. This dwarfs the estimated $49.3 billion in total mobile payment transactions in the United States in 2017, which highlights the amazing opportunity cryptocurrencies have in replacing fiat currency as the currency of choice for mobile payments. Huawei is leading the way in terms of adoption of blockchain technologies, and we’re excited to bring to Huawei’s user base for the first time.” allows users to safely store their private keys, granting them full control of their cryptocurrencies. With more than 95% of internet users in China using their mobile devices to access the internet (eMarketer), and Huawei are providing a natural bridge to onboard millions of new Chinese cryptocurrency users.’s digital wallet allows users to send and receive Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash easily and securely. The Pool – which recently produced the 17 millionth Bitcoin – is the largest Bitcoin mining pool in the world, providing the highest average payout for their miners. Furthermore, also offers a popular block explorer to browse the blockchain, check on pending transactions, and gather network statistics.

“Cryptocurrencies have recently expanded the human understanding of digital economy at a large scale. From our leadership position in China, the tip of the spear of mobile payments, we expect to see massive growth in global cryptocurrency adoption habits in the near future.” – Dr. Jaime Gonzalo, VP of Huawei Mobile Services. “That is the reason why Huawei selected as our recommended quality app to manage digital currencies. In addition to being simple and secure to use, offers an exclusive reward to all AppGallery users by gifting a starting amount of cryptocurrency.”

China has far and away the largest smartphone market in the world with 717 million smartphone users (Newzoo’s 2017 Global Mobile Market Report), that’s well over triple the amount of smartphones in the US. Five manufacturers now account for three out of four mobile devices sold in China. In the third quarter of 2017, Huawei dominated the competitor landscape accounting for 19.4 of the market share according to a November report by IDC. Mobile Wallet Features:

  • Easy access to your Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash funds in a secure smartphone app.
  • Adjust transaction fees according to priority
  • Full control of your private keys, giving you complete control over your coins
  • Multisignature keys: secure backup mechanism with where user maintains control with two out of three keys.
  • Segwit Compatible- Segregated Witness is a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal that streamlines transaction data allowing for lower fees and faster transaction times.
  • Integration with’s popular Block Explorer to check on transactions.

The is available to download now for free on the Huawei AppGallery: For more information, visit or Huawei users can download the app at:

About’s wallet spearheads a consumer focused and open financial system that has introduced over a million new users across the world to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Since launching the block explorer in 2015, has been at the vanguard of Bitcoin data analytics and software development. In 2016, led the industry in innovation with the release of an open-source mining pool and wallet, which today play key roles in driving and maintaining Bitcoin’s decentralized ecosystem. has a team of more than 60 employees based in Amsterdam and Beijing, and is backed by the world’s leading Bitcoin mining manufacturer, Bitmain.

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