You can never imagine these 10 ways can boost your conversion rate immensely

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Last week, I created an ad for my product and featured it on DSTV with the uttermost positive vibe that my product was going to be on sale. My response rate or conversion rate when I placed it had been based on this two note.

  1. The amount of DSTV subscribers that saw the ad on their TV
  2. The amount of calls I got after DSTV subscribers saw the ad

Not only did I just place those ads there for advert to boost my market presence, it also brought about lots of SALES really important.

Calls began coming through 10 minutes after the ads was on, I had done it again. OK, not technically me, but my team, and I knew the kind of thing that could bring in business, and we did what we had to do, but amidst the jolly of the response call, another call came through – very disheartening. I listened patiently for minutes as the person poured out his pains of business in “Conversion rate”, and I thought, there is simply no secret out there, why isn’t this going through for everyone?

I think it would be great at this hour to pull out a stool to sit and let out a huge piece of advice out, cause for the past few months, I won’t lie calls like this has been coming through on this same problem. What can we call it when a person advertises well, but its outcome doesn’t come up to be a success? A failed market, or a bad conversion rate story?

Conversion Rate: Let’s start from the basis, what is it?

A conversion rate is measured by the number of potential visitors performing the desired action, whether the action is buying a product or filling out a form.

This can be measured by a person – individually on his outcome of his sale in market, as it is possible that a person can boost its ads and not its sales, as they can be defined differently by individual marketers, advertisers, and content creators. The success of his business lines on his hands. For instance an online retailer, a successful conversion may be defined by him according to the sale of a product his consumer whose interest in the item was initially sparked by clicking a banner advertisement, or to a content creator by his means of successful conversion may refer to his response of getting, “membership registration, newsletter subscription, software download, or other activity.

  1. Have a target audience
    Having the right audience surely is always your one way ticket out of the misery of low sales. If your ad wasn’t just fanciful, but did great as getting a huge audience to your side. Then you are on track with your sales. So the important essence of putting out your sales should be first of all based on targeting audience, and you’ve got no choice but to draw a huge number towards you.
    Determine your specific niche and have a predetermined set of audience you think would be interested in your niche i.e. fashion, technology and so on.
  2. Maximise your chance
    The minute you’ve gotten the audience, come on what else is expected, begin to engage your visitors rightly to the desired purpose. The minute you’ve gotten their love..Try not to loose that chance of keeping them occupied, it puts you out as the best. Engage in organic social media marketing
  3. Social Marketing
    Your audience is truly not at one corner of the world, you need to mix out, and spread the word of your product to the world, you can give bloggers, hype men or some persons good in advertisement stunt to help advertise. Be careful enough to meet those whose audience aren’t just there, but active participant, that when in fact you talk, their reply is always positive. Grow your audience by giving them regular new and relevant content. only pay for relevant ads.
  4. Keep your audience close but your costumers closer
    Audience and customers are two different persons, understand the scope? Audience are merely observant ones, customers are the participants. Despite the fact that you tell and explore your product to the world (audience), never get too busy not to pay attention to the ones that patronises you – your customer. Of it were in the world of media, we would rightly refer to them as your “fans”
  5. Don’t compromise your quality, quality matters
    One major way of increasing your conversion rate is by referral whereby a customer invites another potential customer to purchase your product based on the quality service he or she received. One of my very good friends Alex owns a fashion store, he sells premium fashion items but they are the best you can get anywhere, due to this he gets regular customers that patronise him and also bring their friends along to purchase from him. Never compromise your quality or fail in delivering your customer quality assurance it can have a deep throat effect on your sales.
  6. Take customers feedback seriously
    They are the ones patronising you, and whether or not you believe in the word, “customers are always right” always give them a benefit of doubt and listen to them, statistics show 88% of what they request or complain of, are true and you will find that most customers have the same complain to the product, and since they are the ones the products are made, I think you know what you are to do…. Or don’t you?
  7. Call to action
    Don’t just listen, swing in to action. All customers love to see this work, I think your sales too loves the improvement too? You can answer otherwise it’s your choice. Always inform the customer that you can process the request asap (as soon as possible ) and that he or she can make an order or request and get a response quick.
    This gives the impression of reliability in the mind of the customer.
  8. Know the unique selling point, promotion
    Don’t be a Jack of all trade. Everyone sells out there, but what is truly the hammering point of a great conversion rate….you figure that out, as it differs in all niche and business point, but there sure is one person whose response from customers are in great deal, what says you?
  9. Re targeting strategy
    Apart from targeting audience, also think of always re targeting daily with higher and more skillful means of getting your audiences response, opens your eye and business to lots of details in life.
  10. Consistency 
    Enhance and hold on the trust of your customer by being reliable, consistent and give your customers the feeling of trust to transact with you, the minute you have their love, and support, they will in fact help shoot and boost your product out there.

conversion rate – Let’s Talk

I’m always here to listen to your complaint, wish you love out there in your sales, and remember to do nothing great all day other think of great ways and other way to boost your conversion rate. Let the best man win in the market, I’m expecting you to be the one

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