Explosion Injures At Least Two, Injures Ten In Izmir, Turkey [UPDATED]

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Police in Izmir have reportedly shot and killed two of those responsible for the car bomb that exploded outside the city’s courthouse. Media reports indicate that officers engaged the two people in a gun battle, which resulted in their deaths. According to Reuters, they’re still looking for a third person involved in the bombing. Izmir Secretary General Bugra Gokce confirmed to CNN Turk that the explosion was indeed a car bomb, as was first reported.

Although it was initially reported that three were injured in the blast, state-run media and officials said later that at least ten people were wounded. Also Turkish state media is reporting that at least two people were killed in the explosion.

Turkey remains on alert after officials said they had detained about 20 people believed to be militants involved with the Islamic State. The arrests followed raids conducted in connection with the deadly shooting rampage at a New Year’s celebration in an Istanbul nightclub. Nearly 40 people were killed after a gunman stormed the nightclub and opened fire. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the deadly shooting.


At least three people are reported as being injured in a blast near the courthouse in Izmir, Turkey. Various media outlets are reporting that a car was the source of the explosion. The car bomb reportedly went off in front of the courthouse in Izmir, injuring a number of vehicles in addition to injuring people in the immediate vicinity. Ambulances were quickly dispatched to come to the aid of the three people who were wounded. The blast was also reported to have damaged one of the gates at the courthouse.

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