BlackBerry Keeps Commitment, Issues Hot Fix For BB 10 Devices

BlackBerry Keeps Commitment, Issues Hot Fix For BB 10 Devices
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BlackBerry CEO John Chen made it very clear that the company won’t be working on any BB 10 hardware this year but will definitely be releasing software updates for users of BB10 devices. Keeping its promise, the company is disseminating BB to users worldwide.

BlackBerry removes BBM Meetings app

In a blog post, BlackBerry informed users that this hot fix includes an update to Calendar, the removal of the BBM Meetings app, and patches for Android Player. Chen said in an interview last week that BB 10 is not dead, adding that it will continue to receive various security and privacy enhancements.

Some users say the company has added Wi-Fi calling as well with this update, but their network needs to support the feature. Some users also claim that it is possible to delete some Android apps as well, says a report from The Register. For a hassle-free update, owners of BlackBerry 10 handsets are advised to ensure that they are on a Wi-Fi network. Also they should make sure that their phone has at least 50% battery.

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Focus on Android but not leaving BB 10

Previously, Chen also noted that BB10 OS will be used by governments and corporations after receiving certain certifications, and the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) certification is one of those. It is an initiative of the U.S. government and IT consumers and producers, and the NSA operates it.

NIAP is responsible for the creation and maintenance of national and international standards for IT security. It has a goal to “help increase the level of trust consumers have in their information systems and networks through the use of cost-effective security testing, evaluation, and validation programs.”

BlackBerry decided to focus on Android and launched the Priv after its mobile shipments fell below 1 million a quarter. Talking of upcoming hardware, BlackBerry could come up with two new Android devices this year, and the Vienna could be one of them. Just like the Priv, it will also feature a physical QWERTY keyboard, but it may not offer a premium design like it.

On Wednesday, BlackBerry shares closed down 4.07% at $7.08. Year to date, the stock is down by almost 24%, while in the last month, it is down by almost 8%.

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