Black Friday Most Popular Deals: Nintendo Switch

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Per Google Trends one of the most searched terms right now is when does black friday start? To answer that the deals already started some going on weeks ago. If you want to find thousands of good deals click here. However, what about products? Per Google at the time of this writing the Black Friday most popular deals season are as follows:

Apple Watch (only 7 left at the itme of this writing)
But forget about Black Friday most popular deals how do you get the MOST money for them?  Do not worry as that is what we are here for. The best deal comes from American Express. You get 20% off up to $5oo. For example you can buy the Nintendo Switch for $239 instead of $299. Additionally, you get a $50 gift card so its in effect only $189. This is the best deal we have seen on the Nintendo Switch.
20% off Amazon Prime via AMEX. If you use American Express for payment you will receive an additional 20% off at checkout when using one AMEX point, after you activate the promo here.
If that does not work add American Express to your payment options and use ONE point for checkout. If that still does not work check with Amazon and they may be able to activate you.

 Number #2 of the Black Friday most popular deals is the Xbox One S 1TB Console – Battlefield V Bundle is on sale and can be purchased for just $229 but use the above Amex deal to get it for just $183!!

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console new is only $399 but use the Amex checkout to get it for just $319!!

Coming in last on the list of Black Friday most popular deals, Airpod are available for just $24 but use the Amex trick and get them for just $20

Check back soon for other deals on the other four items and let us know in the comments if you find any other good deals.
Disclosure: We earn an affiliate fee if you purchase any of these Black Friday most popular deals but it costs you nothing extra and your identity is unknown even to our site administrators.

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