Billionaire Peter Thiel: Starting a Business and Education

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An interview with billionaire investor and author of Zero to One, Peter Thiel. In this interview Peter discusses what characteristics a business should aim for and why it is better to have a monopoly instead of intense competition. Peter also talks about higher education, the future of technology and the meaning of life.


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Video Segments: 0:00

Introduction 1:30

Horizontal and vertical progress 2:09

Techology matters more than globalisation 3:06

We have to invent in new things 4:30

Civilisation must advance 5:12

It’s better to risk boldness than to be trivial 7:03

Competitive markets destroy profits 7:43

There are only two types of business 9:13

Analysis of Ford and GM 11:05

Thinking of brand as an investor 12:17

Focus on your product 13:34

Must a company have sales and distribution before you would invest? 14:22

A bad plan is better than no plan 15:31

Do you plan ahead? 16:32

Could the 24 year old peter thiel established the goal of you now? 17:04

Isnt the advancement of computers enough? 20:02

Slow growth and stagnation 21:48

Are you like Ronald Reagan? 22:07

Education in a bubble 25:22

How will the bubble pop? 26:58

Advice for 18 year old Peter Thiel 27:47

The alternatives to University will take what form? 28:47

What went wrong with the government? 30:47

Private v public money 32:39

If we could roll back regulation,

would the economy recover fast? 34:10

Should every bright student turn there back on the system? 35:20

Teach for America 35:35

New York v Silicon Valley 36:28

New York trying to be like Silicon Valley 37:37

Computers are complements for humans 39:59

Free will 40:43 The meaning of life 43:40

Interview Date: 23rd October, 2014 Event: Uncommon Knowledge Original Image Source:

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