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Bill O’Reilly and Jay Carney Duke it out Over Warren Buffett

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Bill O'Reilly and Jay Carney Duke it out Over Warren BuffettBill O’Reilly, FOX News: “Would you deliver the President a message for me personally? You’ve got to stop with Warren Buffet. You got to stop with Warren. Warren is 88 years old or something. He says his secretary pays more tax. It’s not true. He’s talking about two different things.”

Jay Carney, White House: “His secretary pays –”

O’Reilly: “No, he’s talking about — you know this too, Jay. Don’t try to fool me. Don’t try to fool me.”

Carney: “I’m not.”

O’Reilly: “He’s talking about capital gains, Warren Buffet. The secretary pays federal income tax. It’s two different taxes. But Warren and the President are trying to fool us. Stop it. Not good. We all got it.”

Go 2:50 on the video to get to the argument about Buffett:

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