Beyond Bitcoin: Making Money On Blockchain

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If you missed the Bitcoin train, not to worry – blockchain technology is exploding and there’s still time to invest on the ground floor in a number of different ways. Whether you want to invest in another type of cryptocurrency or you want to eschew cryptocurrency altogether and invest in the technology that builds it, there are business opportunities for emerging blockchain solutions everywhere you look.

Invest In Blockchain – Indirectly

You can’t invest in blockchain directly unless you start your own company developing it, but there are plenty of alternatives. Investing in companies that are developing this technology is a great way to put your resources where you think the future is going. You can:


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  1. Invest in the mining traders and enablers that perform crypto mining functions
  2. Invest in blockchain-as-a-service providers such as IBM Blockchain or Amazon Web Services
  3. Invest in companies developing uses for cryptocurrency or blockchain tech, such as MasterCard or Alibaba
  4. Invest in companies using blockchain to disrupt established industries

Almost half of executives expect blockchain to change their businesses within the next three years, and it’s not too late to hard fork your business in that direction.

Invest In Cryptocurrency Investment Vehicles

Much like stocks, there are funds you can buy that are based on cryptocurrency’s performance without having to own cryptocurrency directly. The volatility of many cryptocurrencies has traditional investors feeling shy, but combining multiple cryptocurrencies into one fund is a great way to hedge your investments. But even if you are apprehensive about buying cryptocurrency-based funds, you can take a step back from that and invest in ETFs that are focused on blockchain tech, ETNs based on the market price of cryptocurrency, digital asset funds based on the price of Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency futures.

Alternatives To Investing In Blockchain

If you aren’t part of the investor class, you can still participate in the growth of this booming sector. Check out Crypto Jobs List for listings from all over the world for jobs in all areas of the blockchain sector, from cryptocurrency analysts to meme specialists to blockchain developers and everything in between. There has been a 300% increase in job listings for blockchain positions in a year, and these positions often pay 62% more than the national average for similar positions. Even if you don’t want to work full time, there’s also a burgeoning gig economy for blockchain jobs, large and small.

Learn more about alternative blockchain investments from the infographic below.


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