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The Best iPhone X Cases To Buy When You Pre-Order Your New Device

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The iPhone X pre-order extravaganza begins on October 27th and, chances are, if you’re reading this article after seeing the title you are fully committed to picking up the latest device from Apple. I don’t blame you – the iPhone X is a bold new step for Apple while still keeping a lot of the great iPhone features we know and love. The only thing stopping me from going out and getting one is the chance that they are going to sell out immediately. I won’t even get my hopes up because I know I will sleep in 5 seconds too late and miss out on the pre-sale. However, those of you that are able to secure a pre-order will definitely want to pick up an iPhone X case to protect your new, $999 smartphone. I wanted to show you some great options to consider when you look for an iPhone X case. No… I won’t be recommending the iPhone X case that costs more than the iPhone X itself. If you have that kind of money just buy a second iPhone X as back up.

Anyway, without further delay, let’s look at some of the best cases to pick up for the iPhone X!

Otterbox Symmetry Series

Otterbox is the OG of the high end phone case world. I remember back when I was selling phones to pay my way through college (dating myself now) you either got an Otterbox or you broke your phone. Now there are so many other brands but Otterbox still stands out with quality products.

Otterbox has come a long way from offering one or two giant, bulky cases that could protect your phone from being dropped from low earth orbit. The Symmetry Series is a perfect combination of style and protection. Plus, there are so many designs and colors available for the iPhone X that you’re sure to find something that suits you. The wide selection and great reputation makes the Otterbox Symmetry Series one of the best iPhone X cases in my eyes.

Best iPhone X Cases
Nomad Clear Case

Nomad Clear Case

If you’re the kind of person that likes contemporary style with a little bit of a rustic flair then this is the case for you. The Nomad Clear Case has a clear window at the top half of the device and a very cool leather backside that accounts for the bottom portion.

As far as drop protection goes, this might not be the best choice on the list. However, it will give you some protection. It really comes down to how hard you are on your smartphone. If you drop your device a lot or you work in a rugged workplace then you may want to consider another case. If your phone spends 90% of its day on your office desk you should be alright with the Nomad Clear Case.

X-Doria Defense Lux Series

The X-Doria Defense Lux Series case makes our list of best iPhone X cases because it provides military grade drop protection in a slim form factor. Plus, the case looks really cool. The aluminum exterior stands out and, quite simply, just looks tough as hell.

You can pick up this case in a few different colors and styles to suit your own personal style and taste. Most importantly, you can feel confident that your device is protected thanks to the two layer design. The outside is the aluminum shell that I already mentioned and the inside layer is a thin layer of rubber. You get the best of both worlds! If you’re going to be spending $999 on your new iPhone X then you better make sure your baby is protected.

Moshi Vesta

Moshi has become a pretty well known name in the premium accessory industry so it makes sense that they would be included in our best iPhone X cases list. The Vesta case is a perfect meshing of style and function. Plus, you can choose a few different colors so your style can still shine through.

The twill design is very unique and adds a sort of classic, upscale look… Not that a $999 iPhone needs any help in the “upscale” department but you can never have too much style. Don’t let the style fool you, though. This is a tough little case. The Moshi Vesta has military grade drop protection packed into that stylish little package. Best of all, there is a limited lifetime warranty on the case so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out on you. Moshi backs up their products.

Always Wear Protection

The iPhone X, as you very well know, is not a cheap piece of hardware. Yes, Apple offers a protection plan but you still have to pay a deductible if you need a replacement device. Your best bet, protection plan or not, is to take a preventative approach. Buy a good case that fits your style and feel confident that your iPhone X can handle a few bumps and bruises throughout its lifetime.

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