This Titanium iPhone X Case Costs More Than An iPhone X

This Titanium iPhone X Case Costs More Than An iPhone X
Gray Advent Aurora iPhone X Case

While some of you are trying to scrape together the money to buy a $999 iPhone X, there are others who see that kind of money as pocket change. How does someone with more money than sense show off their iPhone X purchase without looking like some “poor” person who settled for one of the reasonably priced cases on our best iPhone X cases list? They buy an Advent Aurora case from Gray.

There are plenty of ways to protect your iPhone X. However, many of those methods can’t be described as “baller.” Gray wanted to fill a need for people who don’t have an iPhone X case and also have too much money in their bank account. Enter: the Gray Advent Aurora iPhone X case.

To be fair, this iPhone X case is unlike anything else on the market. The case is made of aerospace titanium, just in case you ever find yourself in space and you want your iPhone X to be prepared for whatever outer space may have in store for it. And the design is definitely unique. No one will look at that case and say, “Hey that looks like the same generic WalMart iPhone X case I bought!” However, they also won’t say, “Wow! Is that a Gray Advent Aurora case made of aerospace aluminum?!” They will probably say, “Nice iPhone X case.” Then you will be tasked with casually bringing up how much you paid for it in order for them to understand the full gravity of what they are looking at.

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Speaking of cost, how much is this aerospace titanium iPhone X case, you ask? Just a cool $645. Of course, that model in the lineup is for people who don’t know true style. If you’re really serious about stylish protection then you will opt for the 24 karat gold version of the Advent Aurora iPhone X case which is a cool $1,145. It may seem like a lot but can you really put a price on protecting your brand new iPhone X? Well, I guess you could say the price of protecting it is $999 because that’s how much it cost you in the first place.

In case you haven’t been able to tell I have been writing this entire article with my eyes rolled firmly into the back of my skull. They might be stuck there. I’ll seek medical attention later. I’m not going to stop you from buying a $1,145 24 karat gold iPhone X case. I also don’t want to encourage this kind of behavior. Ultimately, it’s your money but I can probably make a list of 1,145 better ways to spend your money. FYI: mailing it to me is #56 on the list.

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