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Best browser – Hello Mates, these days its has become very tough to watch videos and movies etc. Even recently the world’s biggest torrents site Kick-ass and lately the biggest torrent search provider have been closed. People preferring to watch videos online rather than downloading those stuff are gradually increasing. So as we have found that people searching for Best browsers for mac, windows, android for playing online videos these are too high. so we have thought of providing you with the best browsers for playing online videos.

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Best Browser For Playing Online Videos?

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Chrome Browser – Chrome is the best browser for watching the videos online Wheather for Dailymotion or Og Youtube and this browser tries to attain the maximum internet speed by providing less internet access to the other tries to use the maximum speed of the internet and make your video load faster and have better quality and watch with ease.These days people have Wi-Fi connections and preferring to watch videos online rather than downloading them and wait for the download process to complete.

But the problem with the chrome is its a ram eater. So I suggest you close all other browsers or windows when you open google chrome for watching videos. So for you peeps, we are even providing the best features of the chrome. i) Task Manager for Websites – Click Shift+Escape to use this feature ii) Visual Browsing History- Click Ctrl+H to use this feature iii) Search is available from address bar itself: Chrome will automatically recognize and add that search engine for you so the next time you can perform a search on that site via the Chrome address bar itself. iv) Know your memory usage from search bar : Type about:memory in the search bar and it shows you the list of processes running at present

Firefox – After Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is the mostly used browsers in windows PC. Firefox loads the pages faster and tries to attain the good internet speed. Firefox is better than chrome in case of ram management. The number of Firefox users are almost equal to the chrome users. Firefox is the best browser for the elders as it doesn’t show the apps option in the very home page. It directly redirects to the Firefox home page.

Opera – Opera is the best browser for the people who try to save their internet data. This browser tried to save the maximum data being used of viewing the videos online and in fact even produces the quality as much as chrome. This is best browser for the people with limited data. This browser doesn’t even consume ram a lot. This provides the best video watching capability compared to the above two. I strongly recommend this to the people who have limited data or people who to try to save data consumption.

Conclusion – 

Above Suggested Browsers are Best and always Best if You are preferring for watching videos online or listening to any online songs from Spotify or Soundcloud.Moreover, These are best for any other Online tasks too.Like If you are familiar with online gaming then i would prefer chrome for online gaming and in these ways, every browser is having a Special ability or we can say feature which users mostly loves.In this Period of Time, Most of the users prefer Chrome or Mozzila Firefox more than opera Just because of It great user interference plus faster loading.However, Opera is The king of mobile browsers and It’s Perfectly Running Well on android mobiles

Photo by geralt (Pixabay)

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