Which Are The Best Android Antivirus Apps For 2019

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Nowadays, malicious software or popularly known as malware can be found anywhere on the Internet. As long as you have an Internet connection or you are simply connecting to the Internet, you are open to the malware attack to your Android phones, tablets, and even computers. Malware and computer viruses can be found or can be acquired by simply browsing a website or opening an email. Thus, it is highly recommended to be secure and protected through installing the best antivirus apps to your Android phones, tablets and mostly to your personal computers.

In this article, you will discover the best Android antivirus apps that could help protect your Android smartphones and tablets against malware and viruses attacks. Not only that, but it could also protect your privacy and offers anti-theft features. Such examples of these specific features include tracking your smartphones through GPS, back-up your data, taking of photo to the thief just in case the phone was stolen, and even using your Android Wear smartwatch in locating your phone.


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These antivirus apps have been tested and proven effective to prevent malware and virus attacks to your smartphones. If you have successfully installed this antivirus to your mobile phones and tablets, there’s a possibility that you will not be affected by the latest security alerts and threats that are happening nationwide.

Trending Security Alerts and Threats Nationwide

Because of many hackers, spammers, malicious software and applications that evolve on the Internet, it is best and highly recommended to everyone to update or change your passwords. According to the latest study by Google, many people have been hacked because they don’t change their passwords. That is why, if you have not changed your password, then this is the time to change it and create a strong, unique password for all your accounts. If you are familiar with a Password Manager, then it is best to use it for a safe and fast log-in to all your accounts.

Another latest event of hacking is the data breaching at Hy-Vee Supermarket, an Iowa-based company that manages more than 245 supermarkets, restaurants, gasoline pumps, and coffee shops in the Midwestern US. It happened because of the malicious software that was installed or implanted on the Hy-Vee payment processing system. It is reported that more than 5.3 million credit and debit cardholders from the 35 U.S. states were affected by this data breach. Thus, it is highly recommended to always check your credit card statement and report it to your bank if there are some malicious or questionable transactions happened in your account.

iPhone jailbreak

Lastly, the latest update on Apple iPhones and iPads to iOS 12.4 and 12.2 or earlier becomes a way to be available for a jailbreak to all the fully updated iPhones. This jailbreak authorizes iPhone users to choose system modifications and install the third-party apps that are not allowed by Apple. Thus, it became prone to hacking or data breaching. The best advice for this is to be careful in installing third-party apps as well as browsing only on safe websites. You can choose also to update to iOS 12.5 when it is already available.

Our survey on these best Android security app for 2019 was based from the latest and past year AV-TEST results, an independent lab based in Germany that evaluates the major Android antivirus apps in detecting malware and viruses every two months.

So, What are the top two Android antivirus apps in our survey?

Well, the best-paid antivirus apps for Android phones and tablets go to the BitDefender Mobile Security and the best freemium antivirus app goes to Norton Mobile Security. Other antivirus apps that include on our list are the Avast Mobile Security, CM Security Master, Lookout Security and Antivirus, and the PSafe DFNDR. Read more on why these antivirus apps considered the best for 2019.

Bitdefender Mobile Security – best-paid option and is on the top of the list because of its nearly flawless malware security features. It offers an intuitive user interface, strong privacy-protection tools, and complete anti-theft features through Android Wear smartwatch. You can get this antivirus security app for just $15 per year and surely your phone security is worth the price. Only, you cannot schedule your malware scans for this antivirus app and it does not offer the freemium features. It offers the free option but it only scans for malware and does not support other features just like the paid features do.

A few more names

Norton Mobile Security – best freemium option and falls on the second list because of its awesome malware protection and anti-theft features. It offers free features such as call and text blocking and backup contacts feature. It also offers a well-designed user interface and unique App advisor for Google Play. For the premium yearly license, you can pay for just $25 and it is awesome because it can secure and protect up to 10 devices. This is great for someone who has lots of smartphones and other devices. It offers the best-paid feature option which is the App Adviser that checks the security and privacy risks to the installed apps on the Google PlayStore.

It also offers free and stands alone apps that can offer the App-Lock protection and password manager feature. If you choose to upgrade to VPN app, you can just add $30 every year for your payment. This is not only good for a single user because it is more expensive compared to other antivirus and also it has a heavy system impact.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus – offers the not expensive pro version with full-featured Android antivirus and security protection apps. From the Privacy advisor feature, up to the VPN client and highly customizable blacklist features, this antivirus software features the rich-free version. Only, the anti-theft features and call-blocking features are not working, and the setup process is too long with lots of disturbing advertisements in the free version.

CM Security Master – offers the rich free version, unlimited VPN client, excellent call blocking and no third-party advertisements. The paid option costs $36 every year and more expensive compared to others. Only, it offers inconsistent malware security, the anti-theft features are not good compared to the built-in Android Device Manager, and there are lots of advertisements in the free version that has been charged by many companies of the click-fraud strategies.

Lookout Security & Antivirus – offers the free version, the regular premium version for $30 every year, and the premium plus version for $100 every year that provides the full identity-protection service. It offers the instinctive user interface and other well-considered features. Only, it offers expensive price for paid and premium plus version and even on the free version, it offers limited features only. Also, it is not already included in the independent labs for testing.

Last recommendation

PSafe DFNDR – offers the free full functionality features. It also offers the paid feature that costs $4.99 every year that removes the advertisements. It is good because it offers useful features that are just free. Only, the results in the lab tests are changing every month. Sometimes, it is good and sometimes it is not good enough.

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