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Ben Carlson recently wrote about current market leaders and the changes over time. This excellent work received some attention, but deserves even more. That is the purpose of the Silver Bullet Award.

For several years I have been highlighting work that represents strong, factual analysis and is not influenced by popularity or page views. It is like the “Lone Ranger” so I called it the Silver Bullet. Trying to get more recognition for these first-rate posts, I am now highlighting them in a new and separate series (rather than inclusion in my regular weekly updates). It is my hope that readers and past winners will help me in highlighting these important posts.

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This Week’s Award - Ben Carlson

There are many current articles about narrow market leadership, excess influence of a few big stocks, and the lack of opportunity. Ben Carlson offers facts, clearly stated and explained. As a helpful starting point, he looks at the change in the top stocks over the last 35 years.

Read his full post for the conclusions. He emphasizes the healthy rotation at the top. This would probably be a surprise to most investors. It also directly questions prevailing wisdom.


This kind of post gets inadequate attention because many sources want to turn it into a trade – actionable advice. Others want something dramatic and scary. Here is my list of actions:

  1. Investors should not be frightened about the general market because of allegations about leadership. What we see is normal and healthy.
  2. Investors should probably be wary of chasing the biggest winners. Things change, and the opportunities might not be at the top of the market cap list.
  3. The top companies – at least in recent years – have often fallen on hard times. Caution may be warranted since “trees do not grow to the sky.” Find future winners, not those already in top positions.

While this is not specific advice, it is a great background perspective.

Prior Winners

I began the Silver Bullet award more than three years ago. My hope is to give greater visibility and recognition to the winners. If bloggers and media sources are honest about wanting to get beyond the noise, they will join me in recognizing those who have written special posts. I also invite nominations. I expect about 20 awards each year, but I would be delighted if the community found more great candidates.

Below is a list of past winners. Getting past the overused “Hall of Fame” I am calling it the “Silver Bullet Band.” No one will be surprised to learn that Barry Ritholtz and Josh Brown lead the multiple winners, but there are others. New Deal Democrat has two wins and this is the second for Ben Carlson.

Date of Award Silver Bullet Band
06/03/17 David Templeton
05/28/17 Josh Brown
05/20/17 David H. Bailey
05/07/17 CXO Advisory
03/26/17 Charlie Bilello


02/18/17 Josh Brown
02/05/17 Jacob Wolinsky
02/11/07 Nathan Yau
01/14/17 David Moenning
12/31/16 Robert Huebscher
11/27/16 Jon Krinsky and Josh Brown
10/23/16 Ryan Detrick
10/08/16 Justin Lahart – Wall Street Journal
10/02/16 Tracy Allison Altman
09/13/16 Ben Carlson
08/13/16 Justin Fox
07/13/16 Sara Eisen – CNBC anchor
06/12/16 New Deal Democrat
05/21/16 Gene Epstein and New Deal Democrat
05/29/16 Narayana Kocherlakota
05/08/16 Jeff Reeves
04/23/16 Jeffry Bartash
04/17/16 Steven Saville
04/10/16 Ethan Harris
04/02/16 Tim Duy
03/20/16 Todd Sullivan and “Davidson”
03/05/16 Robert Novy
02/07/16 Paul Hickey–Bespoke
01/03/16 Matt Busigin
10/04/15 Michelle Meyer
09/05/15 David Templeton
09/12/15 Michael Boldin and Jonathan H. Wright
08/30/15 Michael Batnick and Todd Sullivan
08/22/15 Barry Ritholtz
08/02/15 Michael Batnick
07/26/15 Jimmy Atkinson
07/18/15 Fabius Maximus
07/04/15 Jordan Ellenberg
06/20/15 Pierre Lapointe
06/13/15 Cullen Roche
06/08/15 Morgan Housel
05/03/15 Barry Ritholtz
04/26/15 David Fabian
04/19/15 Ed Dolan
04/11/15 Bill McBride
04/05/15 Barry Ritholtz
03/01/15 Nicholas Colas and Jessica Rabe (Convergex)
12/21/14 Jeffry Bartash
12/07/14 Georg Vrba
11/16/14 Ethan Harris
11/09/14 Floyd Norris
11/01/14 Natalie Kitroeff
09/28/14 Michael Batnick
07/20/14 John Lounsbury
07/06/14 Derek Thompson
06/29/14 Barry Ritholtz
06/15/14 Bill McBride
06/01/14 Paul Kasriel
05/25/14 Barry Ritholtz and Matt Hardigree
05/11/14 Tyler Vigen
03/01/14 Scott Grannis
02/24/14 Julian Close
02/15/14 Ryan Detrick (Schaeffer’s) and Bespoke Investment Group
01/19/14 The Bespoke Investment Group

Article by Jeff Miller, Dash of Insight

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