How To Beam Messages From Chrome To Android And Vice Versa

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When it comes to sending files, reading text messages, using your camera and managing apps from your PC browser to your Android phone or tablet, then an app like AirDroid will help you. The only requirement is that you need to be connected to the same WiFi network to do these tasks. But if you’re only concerned about sending stuff like links, maps, messages and more from PC Chrome browser to your Android phone, then Google Chrome to Phone app is what you would want to use.

Beam texts from your Chrome browser to Android and vice versa

Let’s say you want more, and are unhappy with the standalone app. If so, here’s a new app that you should try. Message Beam is an app developed by XDA Forum Member d-fader which allows you to send texts to and from your Android device and Chrome browser on the PC. The advantage of using this app as opposed to using the above mentioned Google Chrome to Phone app is that it allows transfer in both ways – from PC to phone and also from phone to PC.

The app allows you to send not only custom messages, but also URLs, long passages from the web page, and even ASCII art as you can see in the above image. What’s more, it even encrypts messages to improve your privacy.

You would also need to install the Chrome extension on your PC, and of course, the app on your Android device. Additionally, you can link multiple devices to one browser, which means if you have a tablet and a phone, then you can send stuff to both of them.

App is available at the XDA Forums

If this interests you, then you can get the Message Beam from the XDA Forums thread, and Chrome extension from here. Right now, the app is not available at the Play Store which means you’ll need to enable installation from unknown sources to install this app. Do try it out and if you have any doubt, then don’t forget to post it at the XDA forums.

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