‘Awesome Screenshot’ Extension Offers One-Click Web Pic

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When it comes to capturing screenshots from the web, everyone has their favorites. One of the most popular screenshot extensions for Chrome is Awesome Screenshot, and it’s awesome because of the features that it offers. It allows you to capture the entire webpage, selected area or only the visible part of the page.

Once you select an option from these three, you can then annotate it, add shapes to it, crop a portion, or even blur a sensitive part of the page. The screenshot can then be saved locally or online (temporarily, on Diigo or on Google Drive), copied to clipboard or you can even print it out.

Up until now, you have to click quite a few times to get your screenshot saved, but not anymore. Thanks to a recent update of the Awesome Screenshot extension, you can save the screenshot in a single click to your specified folder. If you’ve not specified any folder, then the screenshot would be saved by default in your “Pictures” folder.

To set up an Autosave folder, click on the Awesome Screenshot button which would be next to the address bar. Click on Options and then check Autosave. Specify the default path where screenshots will be saved by clicking on the Browse button. You can also specify the image format from the top, either PNG or JPG.

Overall, the new Autosave option makes this extension more useful, as you can now quickly save screenshots in any folder. When you want to view all your screenshots, just visit that folder and they’ll all be there. If you haven’t tried Awesome Screenshot yet, then get it from the link below:

Install Awesome Screenshot from Chrome Web Store

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