Author: Ben Strubel

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Tobacco Stocks And Health Care Stocks

In this newsletter we are going to talk about two related yet unrelated topics: health care and smoking. Also read: Q2/H1 Hedge Fund Letters – Letters, Conferences, Calls, And More Baupost Letter Points To Concern Over Risk Parity, Systematic Strategies […]

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Is There Another Tech Bubble?

I’ve recently been hearing a lot of questions about whether or not we have another tech bubble. It’s understandable for investors to be worried. After all, we have had two stock market bubbles in the past two decades and people […]

Health Care Pricing “Juju”

Health Care Pricing “Juju”

So far this year both stock portfolios are doing quite well, handily beating the market. The bulk of our success has, of course, been from the companies we chose to buy or hold, but some success has come from what […]

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Homebuilders And The Atlanta Braves

Homebuilders And The Atlanta Braves by Ben Strubel In August, we decided to sell Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD). AB InBev is a great company with a great business, but in October 2015 the company offered to buy SABMiller for what ended […]