ASUS Has Called Its New Phone ‘Selfie’

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The march of the selfie continues as computer and smartphone manufacturer ASUS releases a specially adapted, and named, smartphone.

The latest model of its ZenFone range was revealed at the Computex conference in Taipei. ASUS has seen fit to name the phone “Selfie” due to the fact that it is specially adapted for those who like to take pictures of themselves.

Narcissists of the world unite

ASUS design center director Jen Chuang introduced the device, and claimed: “I know I’m not the only narcissist in this room.” The Selfie boasts front and back cameras, and even has a “beautification mode” to make those selfies even more narcissistic.

“It makes my skin tone look more even, the lines softer—it’s like wearing digital makeup,” Chuang said. She went on to describe the benefits of the “real tone” flash used in the cameras, telling the crowd that “it’s like having a personal spotlight.”

A specially-designed selfie button makes life easier for users. The button can be pressed with an index finger, making the movement as easy as changing the volume of their music. “Snapping selfies, adjusting the volume and retracing your steps feels as natural as your grip,” reads the company’s description of the phone.

ASUS ZenFone Selfie pandering to modern obsession

As if people needed any more encouragement to indulge in the practice of taking selfies, they can put their ASUS ZenFone Selfie into “selfie mode” by drawing an “S” on the home screen of the device. More background can be captured by entering “selfie panorama mode.”

Selfies are popular with a wide range of people, including gloating thieves, and animals have even been known to take selfies too. Some people do so using the now ubiquitous gadget known as the selfie stick, an attachment which allows users to take selfies at a distance greater than arms length.

ASUS has tried to reduce the “need” for a full-length selfie stick by developing a swing attachment for its ZenFone Selfie phone. “When I take selfies, I wish I had a longer arm,” Chuang explained, although the extra few inches provided by the attachment may not be enough for some selfie fans.

In yet another nod to narcissism, ASUS has also released a “MyView” cover for the phone. The cover will obscure the whole screen apart from a tiny circular window to be used to preview selfies. “Snap your selfie, view your beauty,” says ASUS.

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