Elephant In Thailand Snaps Selfie With GoPro Inc Camera

The huge animal stole a man’s GoPro camera before taking a series of incredible pictures.

Tourist Christian LeBlanc, from Canada, was feeding the elephant when he ran out of bananas. The animal was obviously still peckish, and stole LeBlanc’s GoPro from his hand. The camera was on time lapse mode, and ended up capturing a series of elephant selfies, writes Corey Charlton for The Daily Mail.

Elephant uses a GoPro camera: No need for a selfie stick

LeBlanc was left amazed by the dexterity of the elephant, and called the photo his “best ever selfie.” 22-year-old LeBlanc was feeding the elephant in Koh Phangan, Thailand, when the animal took a liking to his GoPro. Perhaps the elephant was somehow aware of the global mania for selfies, and decided to show selfie stick-wielding humans that it could use its own, altogether more impressive, appendage to snap the perfect shot.

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LeBlanc, who is from Vancouver, Canada, said: “It’s definitely my best selfie and quite possibly the best ever.” The series of photos show LeBlanc taking a number of selfies himself before he offers the last banana to the elephant. As he moves away to collect more fruit for the animal, it grabs the GoPro.

The lucky man is currently studying in Bangkok, and was taking a break in Koh Phangan. “I ran out of bananas so it grabbed my GoPro by the handle while it was on timelapse,” LeBlanc explained. “Luckily elephants are very gentle and I got it back with one of the best photos I have ever taken,” he continued.

Elephant In Thailand Snaps Selfie With GoPro Inc Camera
Source: Pixabay

LeBlanc looking for more animal selfies

His experience with the elephant has obviously piqued LeBlanc’s interest in animal selfies. “My girlfriend and I are traveling next to the Philippines where I hope to get a selfie with a whale shark, the world’s biggest fish,” he said.

The taking of selfies with, or indeed by, an elephant, has now been given its own name: elfies. However silly the name may be, it is less stupid than incriminating yourself by taking selfies on a stolen smartphone, like this lady from Denver.

Perhaps the elephant picked up the behavior from the crowds of selfie-snapping tourists, but whatever its reasons the photos are certainly amazing.