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Your home is your castle and especially when it’s your own, it is something that you take immense pride in. People like to keep their homes clean and tidy and welcoming and accommodating to guests. They also like to add detail to their homes by putting pictures on walls, painting feature walls, adding an en-suite bathroom, building a walk-in-wardrobe and so on. However after some time, certain parts of the surroundings can become tired and dated somewhat and this is only natural as trends come and trends go. That might herald the time for changes to be made in terms of home improvements.

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A home improvement project can be small or large scale and sometimes it's nice just to take on a small scale project. A small project could be as simple as choosing a wall for a selection of art or framed pictures; there would still be a lot of thought and effort required in choosing the layout, choosing the materials, choosing the actual art and/or photographs but the end result would be a beautiful addition to the property. A larger scale project could be something that requires renovation or extension of the home. This of course will likely require a substantial budget, good research and thoughtful planning.

It's also absolutely imperative that people source and research only reputable contractors like builders, plasterers, plumbers and so on to complete the work; this is not only important in terms of quality of work but also quotations and pricing in this type of work can really vary. Sometimes sourcing reliable and trustworthy suppliers like these is easier said than done.

The first port of call people should make is to do some research online. Check out prospective contractors' websites, read their reviews and testimonials and look at galleries of their work. However don’t simply trust the company’s own website, go to independent sources online like Google Reviews or the company’s Facebook page and look for comments from real customers and get a real feel for their level of service and care with their work; one could even go as far as asking a reviewer a specific question on a certain aspect of the work completed to get a real picture. On their website, the contractor has the ability to curate what they want you, as the prospective customer to see so it’s important to have your eyes fully open.

However either way, beginning your research online will help to get a good grounding of who is available and assist you in whittling down a list of prospective contractors. Then secondly, people should ask their friends and family for recommendations of people they have worked with in the past and who they are happy to recommend or who they would encourage you to stay away from working with too. They might also have some interesting and relevant pieces of advice as you undertake the work.

This infographic from the guys at Senator Windows includes some recommendations for apps that you can download to your phone or tablet and use for the home improvement project that you're working on. They have broken it down into the various stages so for example, there are apps for the research phase of the project, apps for when you're at the colour selection stage and so on. Check out the full details below.

Apps For Home Improvement Project

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