Apple’s New Mini Dock Connector Leaked On Online Store

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Apple’s next generation iPhone is the next big thing consumers are eagerly waiting for. There are many reasons about why we should be excited about the next generation iPhone. The device will be significantly redesigned, but there’s one feature of this device that people won’t like much – the small dock connector. The reason for this is that existing iPhone accessories won’t work with the next iPhone, dubbed as the iPhone 5.

Apple's New Mini Dock Connector Leaked On Online Store

This small connector means more space for Apple to fit in some other hardware. Currently, there are conflicting reports about how many pins this small dock connector will have.  Sources claim it will either be an  8-pin or a 19-pin.

AWhiteDot has posted a video where it claims that to have discovered a dock connector to Mini dock connector converter on the official Apple site. The same page where AWhiteDot navigates to, now opens a 404 error page, and it seems that Apple may have also discovered their mistake. This video looks legitimate as it shows how the website found the mini dock connector on the official site.

If the video is geniune, then it means that now we know the price of this mini dock connector, $9.99. We also know that it will be available in either black or white color. These adapters are going to sell like hot cakes, because those who want to use their existing iPhone accessories will need to buy this converter.

We can say that Apple has one chance to make their new iPhone users happy, by shipping this dock connector with the next iPhone so that customers don’t have to shell out extra 10 bucks on an already expensive device.

It will be interesting to see how consumers respond to this new small dock connector. It’s too early to comment on anything since nothing is official yet. We don’t even know whether this video is the real deal or some trick done by a savvy web designer. We will have to wait for the official announcement which according to rumors will be on the 12th of September.

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