Apple’s New Ad: ‘If It’s Not An iPhone, It’s Not An iPhone’

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Apple released a new set of iPhone ads on YouTube on Thursday. With the two new ads titled “Hardware & Software” and “Loved,” Apple is trying to follow a more real-world approach of advertising, describing the iPhone’s merits in place of story-driven narratives.

Apple playing a brain game

Apple is now trying to please the brain rather than the heart of users with the recently released first two segments of a new iPhone campaign. Along with giving the merits of the iPhone, the ads vaguely mock rival products. “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” is the punch line at the end of both of these new advertisements. These ads are like Apple’s iPhone 4 ads, which had the punch line “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.”

“Hardware,” the first ad, serves up an indirect objective of maintaining the iPhone’s top position among the rivals. Through the ad, Apple explains the importance of its hardware and software, taking a jab at rivals such as Samsung, which depend on Google’s Android for software despite using their own hardware.

The second commercial titled “Loved” shows happy iPhone users. Giving statistics, the ad informs viewers that 99% of iPhone users are in love with their iPhone and throws colorful videos up on the screen showing users having all types of fun.

Different from previous ones

Before this, Apple’s commercial for the iPhone 6, called “Shot on iPhone 6,” did not show the actual phone but mostly showed off the camera. And the most recently aired iPhone ads include Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

Apple is seeking to move in a new direction with the help of these commercials. The main aim of these commercials is to assure iPhone users that it affects their life in a significant way. These commercials are unlike the holiday 2013 iPhone ads, which were full of minute observations in humanized, artful spots.

With the new ads, Apple is surely trying to build momentum for its upcoming iPhone, on which there are no official word as of now. However, there were reports yesterday that that the company has ordered a record number of iPhones for later this year. A report from The Wall Street Journal claims Apple has asked its Asian suppliers to make 85 million to 90 million units.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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