Apple Inc. iWatch Most Anticpated Product Of The Year

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iWatch is one of the most anticipated tech products of the year. The smartwatch, which is expected to be unveiled during the iPhone 6 even later on today, is expected to transform the mobile market. This watch would be the next big product launch since 2010, when Apple launched the iPad.

Big expectations for iWatch

Computer World’s Michael Elgan believes Apple is the only tech company which offers smart design and technology. It is also the only tech giant with a strong devoted fan base that would bring these watches into the mainstream much like the did with the iPhone and iPad.

Anticipation for the gadget really kicked off early this year when the company’s chief executive officer Tim Cook announced Apple’s plans to bring exciting new products and services. Wearable technology is not a new concept. Many of Apple’s rivals including Samsung, Motorola, and LG already launched their versions of smartwatches with tech-advanced wearables but as of yet, no company has been able to really capture the market with a watch people really want.

The iWatch could be a must-have for teens

The iWatch could also be a huge hit with the young crowd. A recent blog post for Market Watch indicated the exciting new wearable will offer a sense of prestige and popularity which means it will be on list of most coveted items for teenagers. According to this demographic, one of the most important iWatch features will be Siri. She will be a trusty companion that also happens to be witty and friendly. And the appeal of the iWatch doesn’t stop there. The wearable’s rumored fitness features could be a big draw for young people who want to live more active lives. The iWatch could also be a handy companion when one does not want to bring a phone with them. It would enable the user to access the internet virtually anywhere without having to pickup their smartphone. Last, but certainly not least, the iWatch will most likely appeal to the fashionable crowd.


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