Apple Inc. Watch Pre-Orders Estimated At 1M On 1st Day [REPORT]

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The Apple Watch is expected to have garnered around 957,000 preorders on April 10, the first day on which the gadget became available for preorder. According to Slice Intelligence (via Quartz), a digital commerce tracking firm, around two-thirds of buyers opted for the Apple Watch Sport, with the majority going for the 42mm space gray model.

Larger case more popular

The estimates are based on e-receipt data from 9,080 online shoppers. As per the report, 71% of the preorders for the Apple Watch on the first day were for the larger 42mm case. Also 32% of aluminum Sport buyers went for the smaller 38mm version compared to 24% of stainless steel Apple Watch buyers.

Citing the data, the report says that on an average, a buyer ordered “1.3 watches, spending $503.83 per watch. Those ordering an Apple Watch Sport spent $382.83 per watch, and those ordering the Apple Watch spent $707.04.”

As per the data, 40% of the orders were for the Apple Watch Sport in space gray aluminum, and the next popular was the silver stainless steel Apple Watch at 34%, followed by the silver aluminum Apple Watch Sport at 23%, while 3% of the orders went in for the space black stainless steel version. The sales numbers for the Apple Watch Edition were not disclosed, but the Quartz report claims that the premium watch did not garner many preorders.

Will Apple Watch be the game changer?

No details were revealed for the performance of the Apple Watch in the other eight countries, including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, China and Hong Kong. It is expected that the sales number will vary from country to country. For example, in China, the Apple Watch Edition is expected to do well.

As of now, Apple has not provided any sales data but is expected to release it soon, as for the past few launches, the iPhone maker released first-weekend sales data the following Monday. On Friday, S&P Capital IQ analyst Angelo Zino said he expects 1 million Watches “out of the gate” and 10 million this year.

Overall, analysts have been optimistic about demand for the Apple Watch, which is the first major new product line from the company since Tim Cook took charge. Many believe the Apple Watch will be a game-changer in the largely scattered wearables market.

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