Apple Watch Owners Complain About Sport Model’s Rear Logo

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Apple Watch users are complaining on support forums about issues they are facing with the logo disappearing on the rear side of the Sports model. The issue surfaced a few months ago when several users posted the problems they faced on Reddit.

Sports model with logo problems

So far the complaints were mostly related to the logo, but on Wednesday one user complained about the same problem not just with the logo but with other text on the watch as well.

Apple Insider spoke to one of the users who faced the issue and with Apple support about it. Someone at Apple contacted him and asked for the watch to be returned so that Apple’s engineers could study the problem in-depth and in return offered a free replacement. The representative from Apple inquired about the local climate and activity levels of the user. The person further asked if the device had been immersed in water or not and said the problem has been reported by a few others as well but only with the space gray Sport.

The Apple Watch’s space gray Sport version accounts for most of the damaged units reported. This model has text printed on it rather than engraved, and this is causing all the problems. The other stainless steel watches have the text engraved. The Apple Watch Sport, which is the cheapest model from Apple, is priced at $349 and is made of tougher 7000-Series aluminum, reinforced “Ion-X” glass over the display and a rubber-like fluoroelastomer band.

Samsung to soon launch Apple Watch rival

A lot of emphasis was laid on the luxury and craftmanship of the watch at the time of marketing, and therefore, any defects attract more attention. Apple should come up with an action plan soon to address this issue. Otherwise rivals could take benefit of this.

Samsung will soon come up with its own watch, which it teased at the big conference in New York. Looks-wise, the Samsung Gear S2 is entirely different from the Samsung Gear S. It has been made smaller and more fashionable to compete effectively with the Apple Watch. The official launch of the device is still a few weeks away, but the Korean firm recently gave a sneak preview of the Apple Watch rival via a video posted on YouTube.

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