Apple wants to bring the iPad to more businesses

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Apple plans to bring the iPad to more businesses. The company is reportedly working with over 40 developers to create workplace software suite with interconnected apps for enterprise users. The suite includes apps for point-of-sale terminals, sale presentations, accounting, and more. Apple also joins the other companies to host seminars where they sell their products directly to business owners.

Apple is looking for new ways to market the iPad

It appears that Apple is looking towards new avenues of income, and with the current decline of iPad sales, it may be time for Apple to market their tablet elsewhere. The tech giant saw a steep decline in the past six quarters, with revenues from tablet sales down 24% for the past nine months ending with the June quarter. Some analysts believe the demand for iPads in the business sector will be strong. It would also be a good move for Apple to compete with other big companies catering to the enterprise market including Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. The ultimate goal for the tech giant is to peddle app bundles to various industries to possibly sell devices and app bundles through  major carriers.

Apple’s project is secretive

Apple’s project remains in secret as most of the tech giant’s projects start. The program was first mentioned during April’s investor call, but not many details were noted. The partner companies previously admitted they don’t have details regarding their roles in the program or all the names of the businesses within the program.

Apple is also rumored to launch a larger iPad tablet in the near future. The rumored device would be targeted towards business customers. It could also boast improved resolution and a hidden keyboard- something that was discovered when developers were searching for beta code on iOS 9. The keyboard was designed to scale up to bigger sizes and higher resolutions.

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