Apple To Announce Two New Native iOS 6 Applications in WWDC?

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Apple To Announce Two New Native iOS 6 Applications in WWDC?

With Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) set to open its Worldwide Developers Conference today, rumors emerged that Apple will be announcing two new native applications for its iOS 6 Mobile Operating System. It is believed that these new native applications will be in addition to the already widespread rumor that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Maps will be dumped in favor of an Apple mapping solution.

Clayton Morris of Fox News indicated on Twitter Monday that multiple sources had informed him that Apple will be demonstrating “at least two new native iOS apps.” While he wasn’t specific on what these new apps would be, he did follow up the original tweet with another indicating that Maps is “already out there,” and it wouldn’t be considered one of the two new applications that he was referring to.

Apple is expected to announce some aggressive technology changes in this year’s Developers Conference in order to hem in threats from rivals such as Google’s android system. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently launched an “App Center” as well, though it currently contains only approximately 600 apps. Larger iPhone screen sizes and other upgrades to the core operating system are expected to give developers more tools to develop cutting edge applications on the Apple platform. The iPhone and iPad maker is also expected to introduce new Facebook functionality for its users, allowing them to easy post updates and pictures to the social networking site. Apple is the existing application leader in the smartphone marketplace.

In addition to moving away from Google Maps on their devices, Apple intends to further reduce the traffic and related advertising dollars sent to Google by allowing Chinese users of the iPhone to use Baidu as their default search engine instead of incumbent Google.

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