Apple Stores May Change Genius Bar Layout To Emphasize iPad Use

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Apple Stores May Change Genius Bar Layout To Emphasize iPad Use

One Apple store recently changed the layout of their Genius Bar in what appears to be a move that puts more emphasis on iPads. There is no word on whether this change is a test or if it’s something else.

The new layout shows the Genius Bar tables turned ninety degrees in a perpendicular position that meets the back wall of the store. This new look makes it easier for Apple to emphasize iPad use and in promoting their tablets. The photos and informative details come from a post written by  Gary Allen from  The only problem with the new layout is that the popular kids section.  The new table features 12 stools- that’s up from the seven stools that were previously found at the 30-foot-wide store.

Allen claims that the company is in the midst of expanding or moving a few early stores to increase store size which will make it easier to accommodate larger groups of people and increase customer service. He further stated that since many Apple stores cannot expand their space within a mall or some other venue, this new 90 degree layout could prove to be useful.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is the one technology company that’s always changing and making improvements. Whether the focus is on their products or service, Apple  never ceases to amaze consumers and investors alike.  They know that change is relevant especially when it involves improving the total experience of customers.

Right now, it seems that the iPad is one of the company’s main focuses right now and for good reason. It’s a highly sought-after computer alternative with dozens of copycats on the market. While some models make terrific iPad alternatives, no other device can directly compete with the original in terms of design, software, hardware, application choices, and customer service.

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