Apple Shares Tips And Tricks For Using An iPhone 7 Camera

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Everyone using an Apple iPhone knows how to use its camera; however, not everyone knows about all the camera’s features or tricks for how to make the best use of the iPhone 7 camera. Now Apple, which recently surpassed $800 billion in market capitalization, has released a new website to assist iPhone 7 users with taking better pictures.

Apple wants you to take better pictures with your iPhone 7

For a long time, the iPhone maker has showcased the capabilities of the iPhone 7’s camera. However, now the tech giant is working to aid every iPhone user in taking better-looking images with the device.

“We believe that everyone can take great photos. So we’ve put together these tips and techniques to help you take even better ones with your iPhone,” the Cupertino-based company said.

Apple’s new website has a lot of information about photography, including some very useful tips and tricks for taking the best pictures using an iPhone. The tech company, for instance, gives tips for action shots, stills while filming video, vertical panoramas, close-up shots, street light, selfies, and much more. Apple’s guide also helps users with settings such as the exposure slider, High Dynamic Range (HDR), clicking pictures while shooting video, etc. The tech giant also explains when a given feature like the flash should be used and when not.

With the information provided on the new website, users can easily learn how to shoot during golden hour (the time just after sunrise or just before sunset) or how to shoot the horizon, a sunset silhouette or a portrait image. For example, to shoot a sunset silhouette, the photographer has to place the subject in front of the sun then lock the focus by pressing and holding on the display. Next, they have to tap the display, slide to lower the exposure and then shoot their picture, notes Mashable.

Accompanying videos make camera functions more clear

What makes Apple’s new website user-friendly is that all the tips have an accompanying video that gives users a step-by-step explanation of the process. The videos are simple and easy to follow and come in the form of screen-captured footage so that users can see what steps to follow and which buttons to press on their device, notes 9to5mac.

Most of the videos are 30 seconds to 40 seconds long and are straight to the point. For instance, the video for shooting a vertical panorama takes users through the steps of using the panorama function in the Camera app, but by moving the iPhone vertically rather than horizontally. The Silicon Valley giant has uploaded some of these videos to its YouTube channel as well, but the complete series is available only on the new website.

For those who are already familiar with the different modes of the Camera app, some of the “how to shoot” tutorials may seem obvious. However, there are many useful tutorials that you may not be familiar with, and they can help you snap good photos. There are tips and tricks for editing selfies as well.

iPhone 7 photography videos:

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